How to Create a Menu for Food-Sensitive Customers

Recently, more Americans are changing their diets to be healthier and more plant-based. In fact, a study done by IPSOS Retail Performance estimates around 9.7 million Americans are vegan. In addition, around 2.7 million Americans restrict their...

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture | Buying Guide

Add outdoor furniture to your restaurant and create a comfortable, functional space for your customers. If you’re in a region that gets to enjoy pleasant weather for multiple seasons, an outdoor seating area may be for you. Customers appreciate outdoor dining for the views and to enjoy the weather, especially during the summer. Dining al fresco is a popular trend that restaurants are continuing to adopt for the benefit of their customers. We’ve created a guide for buying commercial outdoor furniture to help you create a perfect outdoor space.

5 Juice Recipes to Add to Your Restaurant Menu

So, you’ve decided to start juicing in your restaurant. You’re not only going to want an excellent juicer, but some great recipes to try out on your customers. We’ve put together five easy, but unique, juice recipes to get you started with juicing. Customers will love these fresh creations, and you can branch out on these recipes to create more custom juices.

Duke Vendor Spotlight

Duke Manufacturing was founded in 1925 by M.P. Duke as the first manufacturer of the waterless hot well. Today, they produce over 4,500 different products in their state-of-the-art plant in Sedalia, Missouri with over 680,000 square feet.

Office Star Vendor Spotlight

Office Star has been a leading commercial and residential furniture manufacturer since 1987, making it their mission to simplify the furniture procurement process with an assortment of stylish and comfortable solutions to make you, and your guests, feel relaxed and at ease at all times.

Why You Should Introduce Juicing to Your Restaurant

You’ve probably heard about juicing through social media, news articles, and celebrities. It’s making its mark as a healthy and delicious way to consume your daily produce. Many food establishments are getting on board with this trend from brunch restaurants to smoothie stands. We’re going to take you through the benefits of drinking juice for your customers as well as the benefits of selling juice in your business.

Parchment Paper Vs. Wax Paper

Wax and parchment paper are not created equal in the commercial kitchen and have one major difference. We discuss the ways that you can and cannot use parchment and wax paper when cooking and preparing food.

How to Open a Restaurant: Your Complete Guide

Many dream of opening their own restaurant. If you’re interested in making your dream a reality, we’re here to help with this definitvie guide to opening a restaurant, which explores restaurant concept development, seeking expert advice, writing a business plan, securing funding, site selection, operations and staffing up, and training and startup.

Food Safety 101: A Crash Course

Practicing proper food safety is hugely important to the success of your commercial foodservice. Improper techniques could lead to costly consequences like loss of customer trust and business reputation, negative exposure, decreased morale, lawsuits and legal fees, and more. This crash course is intended as an overview of common food safety precautions.

Restaurant Patio Ideas to Wow Your Customers

A well-designed outdoor dining space will add valuable seating and atmosphere to your business. This article will give you some ideas on decorating and furnishing your restaurant patio in order to maximize the environment and entice customers.

Channel Manufacturing Spotlight

Channel Manufacturing, Inc. is known for their durable food storage and material handling equipment. Their products are designed to make life easier in your commercial kitchen through storage and transportation solutions.

What is the best oil for deep frying?

The most important decision to make before you deep fry is which oil to use. For everyday use, we recommend using the most popular choice - vegetable oil. However, there is no shortage of options. Before you start choosing an oil, have you chosen the right deep fryer?...

20 Essential Food Prep Supplies You Need

The food prep space in your kitchen is the epicenter of activity. You slice, mix, dice, and chop at this station, so you need the right tools to be efficient. Without enough or the right supplies, chefs can’t make the best food for your business. We created a checklist of the essential supplies you need for your food prep station.

Preschool and Early Childhood Classroom Furniture

Preschool and early childhood classrooms should be full of fun and learning. Creating a stimulating learning environment in a preschool classroom is essential for active minds. The furniture in an early childhood classroom provides a fun and safe place for young learners. We’ve written the essential buying guide for furnishing a preschool classroom – Including everything from tables and chairs to active play and toys.

39 Ways to Finance a New Restaurant

There are lots of ways to fund your dream of opening a restaurant, especially if you’re willing to think creatively. Loans are one option, of course, be they from financial institutions or private lenders. And there are many others, despite the high risk associated with opening a restaurant—and even with a poor credit rating in your history.

Immersion Blender Uses in a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial immersion blender can easily blend large batches of food or liquid, allowing for quicker food prep. Because of its strong performance in the kitchen, chefs are incorporating stick blenders into their daily routine. There are many ways to use an immersion blender and several features that make it a unique tool for commercial use.

Classroom Furniture Ideas

The modern classroom is very different from even 20 years ago. It has tablets, dry-erase walls, and also couches. Not only do classes have these fun improvements, but they’re also getting students more involved and collaborative. It’s essential to buy the right kind of furniture for your classroom so learners can be set up for success in academics and relationships. We’ve written a guide on purchasing classroom furniture and flexible seating so that you can create a thriving learning environment.

Vendor Spotlight: Carter-Hoffmann

With so many names in the industry, it can be difficult to discern what brands to trust in your kitchen. However, Carter-Hoffmann makes it easy to trust their holding and transporting equipment.

Custom Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin

Your dinnerware should help tell your story. Did you know that the average 18 to 34-year-old has approximately 500 followers on various social media platforms? And it seems like everyone is always snapping pics and posting their dishes – especially when serving presentation is prioritized. Posts by as few as ten people can generate thousands of impressions online. Make sure your logo is front and center with customized dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.

Take Cooking to the Next Level with Sous Vide

In the last few years, a cooking technique has been gaining popularity as it has been made accessible to not only commercial kitchens, but residential ones. This method relies on the ability to cook with pinpoint precision, resulting in perfectly cooked meat every time. The method we’re referring to, of course, is sous vide.

Employing Minors in the Kitchen: Know the Laws

Minors will often work in foodservice as part time or full-time work during school breaks. You might wonder what restaurant labor laws apply to you as a business owner and your employees. Like all businesses, the foodservice industry must abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act when employing all people, especially minors. While you are permitted to employ minors in your restaurant, you must make exceptions in the types and hours of work that you give people under the age of 18.

Customer Spotlight: Mallow Run Winery

It doesn’t get any better than sharing experiences with close friends over a good bottle of wine. That’s exactly what Indiana winery Mallow Run seeks to do. We sat down with their Marketing Coordinator Sarah Shadday to learn more about their mission and wine making process.

Vendor Spotlight: True Refrigeration

In foodservice, there are a select few brands that are known throughout the industry simply by name. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, one name comes to mind - True. For over 70 years, True Refrigeration has been steadfast in its mission: "To provide a wide...

How to Find the Best Meat Knife for You

It’s confusing to pick out a meat knife for your commercial kitchen. There are several types of meat knives that all have different uses. We’re here to take out the hassle in buying professional knives for cutting, preparing, and carving meats.

Employee Turnover in the Food Service Industry Today

As the world continues to digitize and consumer expectations shift, restaurants face new challenges. It is no longer enough to offer good food. Restaurants instead must familiarize themselves with the evolving digital economy and provide unique experiences, especially if they wish to attract the highly sought-after millennial demographic.

Trend Alert: The Future of Warewashing

Every two years, the biggest show in commercial foodservice takes place. NAFEM – the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers – presents a unique opportunity for commercial distributors and manufacturing partners to come together to experience firsthand...

10 Tips for a Great Concession Stand

It’s finally almost that time again where the sun is shining and everyone wants to be outside.  This also means it’s time for outdoor sports games, school plays, festivals and a variety of other events that require a concession stand.  Running a concession stand can...

To Lease or Not to Lease?

Leasing is a convenient and flexible option used by businesses and residential consumers alike to acquire new, high-involvement purchase items like cars, homes, furniture, electronics, appliances, etc. The flexibility of leasing assists restaurants and other commercial foodservice establishments in several ways.