It’s finally almost that time again where the sun is shining and everyone wants to be outside.  This also means it’s time for outdoor sports games, school plays, festivals and a variety of other events that require a concession stand. 

Running a concession stand can get hectic, especially during intermissions or breaks.  Here are a few tips for running a successful concession stand: 

Leadership: Choose one person to manage the concession stand and assign duties to staff to reduce confusion among staff and to have true leadership 

Food Choices: Lines get long fast and people just want to get back to their seats.  Choose foods such as candy, popcorn, nachos, etc. that are quick to serve 

Prepare: Be prepared by arriving early.  You never know when something will go wrong—better before the event than during! (Also, Chron Small Business mentions if you prepare anything at home, contact the health department on the correct permits, etc.) 

Permits: Speaking of permits…Volunteer Spot reminds people to check with their city and local health departments for details on having the proper permits 

Stock: Have plenty of items in stock. Keep in mind from other events what your top sellers are 

Pricing: Keep pricing consistent so that customers know what to expect. 

Presentation: Make sure the area looks nice and neat, and employees or volunteers provide customers with a welcoming experience so they keep coming back 

Proper equipment:  Chron reminds people to purchase the equipment needed to keep everything running smoothly 

Planning space: Don’t lose money! High School Baseball Web says to keep souvenirs or fundraisers away from your stand. Plan with others selling things that day to be further away enabling you both to keep profits up 

Plan ahead! Contact coaches or managers of the event beforehand so you can get started on orders (this is helpful, especially at the end of the game when everyone is rushing for food and drinks) 

Central offers all of the concession equipment and supplies needed to have successful operations. With everything from popcorn poppers and griddles to condiment serving and hot dog roller grills, and more, Central is your one-stop shop for everything concession related! Need help deciding on the perfect model? One of our helpful product consultants is happy to assist in your decision at 800-215-9293! 

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