Hot dog roller grills aren’t just for frankfurters anymore. This versatile piece of restaurant equipment can cook up any type of sausage—from bratwurst and kielbasa to andouille and chorizo—and it can also grill appetiziers such as egg rolls and taquitos. The grill’s rollers allow for 360º coverage on each food item, which results in even cooking and holding.

Plus, the hot dog roller grill cooks food with lightning-fast speed. Most items can be ready to serve in as little as 5 to 10 minutes, making the grills ideal for high-volume, quick-serve settings, including convenience stores, sports arenas, and movie theaters. All of this makes the hot dog roller invaluable in the world of concession stand equipment. However, as simple as the hot dog roller is, there are some important things to consider before making the leap and buying one. Keep reading to learn more about these key considerations.

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Roller and Grill Coatings

Depending on the scope of your operation and what your specialty is, a special coating on your hot dog roller grill might prove beneficial. Here are a few of the most common coatings you’ll find when shopping for a commercial hot dog roller.
  • Chrome: Ideal for high volumes and fast turnover because of its quick cooking and recovery time
  • Non-Stick: Easy clean-up helps reduce time and labor
  • Super-Turn: Industry standard for breaded products such as egg rolls, taquitos, and corn dogs
  • No Rollers: Only one moving part makes it easy to service 

Temperature Controls

Hot dog roller grills are available with your choice of thermostic or infinite controls. Both controls allow you to keep the food on the grill, where it will maintain its temperature for up to two hours after it’s finished cooking. Some models are available with dual temperature zones for simultaneous cooking and serving, as well.

  • Thermostatic Controls: React to temperature changes and help maintain set food temps
  • Infinite Controls: Operate on a percentage of time and will turn on or off regardless of temperature

Capacity for a Commercial Hot Dog Roller

Hot dog roller grills are available in a wide range of sizes, typically holding from 30 to 50 hot dogs each. When choosing a capacity, keep in mind how many hot dogs you sell and what the turnaround time is. When considering optimal capacity, simply calculate the potential number of hot dogs sold per hour. This will give you an idea of the type of capacity you may need. If this all-American food is one of your biggest sellers, a larger capacity unit might be required. Otherwise, smaller units are usually preferable so that less product is wasted.

hot dog roller with bun warmer

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Hot Dog Roller Grill

  • Health Codes: Check you local health codes to confirm if a sneezeguard is needed. It may be advantageous to error on the side of caution and use one if not required—especially considering the industry’s renewed emphasis on sanitation and food safety. Either way, this piece of protective glass will give your customers a sense of confidence in your product.
  • Stadium Slanted Roller Design: This type of roller presents your product in its best light while helping to increase sales and impulse purchases.
  • Additional Features: Various grills offer dual-sided access, drip trays, and skid-resistant feet. Many grills also have the option of adding bun warmers or drawers to complete your customer’s full hot dog experience.

Optional Accessories for Your Hot Dog Roller Machine

condiment station

Don’t forget to assess your condiment setup either. Our inventory of condiment stations and dispensers has everything your customers need to customize their hot dogs with any toppings and sauces they crave.

hot dog bun warmer

Hot dogs and sausages taste better on warm buns. Give your diners the best snack possible by adding a commercial bun steamer to your collection of concession stand supplies.

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