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The Best Heater for Your Patio

Cooler weather shouldn’t mean that you need to close your patio. Commercial patio heaters are ideal for extending outdoor dining season at your restaurant or bar. Encourage social distancing during off-seasons with the right commercial...

All About Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are a caterer’s best friend. Whether you own a catering company, or a restaurant that offers catering services, learn all you need to know about chafing dishes.

Insulated Food Delivery Bags | Buying Guide

Restaurants are switching to mainly delivery and take out options due to the current climate amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Insulated food delivery bags are perfect for preserving this freshness while safely delivering these foods.

What are Charger Plates?

Charger plates, sometimes referred to as show plates, are a growing trend often observed in elegant and private dining setting such as banquets, catered events, and exclusive golf clubs. These large plates, used for displays and suggestive selling, elevate the ambiance and the overall dining experience – really giving a charge to your tabletop presentation.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture | Buying Guide

Add outdoor furniture to your restaurant and create a comfortable, functional space for your customers. If you’re in a region that gets to enjoy pleasant weather for multiple seasons, an outdoor seating area may be for you. Customers appreciate outdoor dining for the views and to enjoy the weather, especially during the summer. Dining al fresco is a popular trend that restaurants are continuing to adopt for the benefit of their customers. We’ve created a guide for buying commercial outdoor furniture to help you create a perfect outdoor space.

What Commercial Juicer is Best?

Have you decided to introduce juicing to your business? If you’re starting, you’ll need a quality commercial juicer. There are several types of juicers available, and it can be confusing to pick the right one. Think about why you’re introducing juicing to your business. Are you making nutrient-dense cold press juices? Check out the Masticating Juicer. Or, are you looking to add some fresh orange juice to your breakfast menu? Look at a Citrus Juicer. We’ve laid out three of the main types of juicer to help you narrow down your search.

Cambro Food Storage Tips & Solutions to Protect Your Bottom Line

Did you know that every day, 4-10% of food purchased by restaurants gets thrown out? As food, on average, is 1/3 of a restaurant’s operating costs, this has a direct impact on the bottom line. Cambro offers several solutions to enhance food storage, reducing waste, preventing cross-contamination and foodborne illness, and protecting your bottom line.

20 Essential Food Prep Supplies You Need

The food prep space in your kitchen is the epicenter of activity. You slice, mix, dice, and chop at this station, so you need the right tools to be efficient. Without enough or the right supplies, chefs can’t make the best food for your business. We created a checklist of the essential supplies you need for your food prep station.

Charbroiler vs. Griddle

The number of pieces of equipment available to commercial kitchens is always growing. Ovens, ranges, fryers, griddles, holding cabinet, microwaves, and more, foods can be prepared with a plethora of different kinds of equipment. Think about a piece of chicken. It can...

Preschool and Early Childhood Classroom Furniture

Preschool and early childhood classrooms should be full of fun and learning. Creating a stimulating learning environment in a preschool classroom is essential for active minds. The furniture in an early childhood classroom provides a fun and safe place for young learners. We’ve written the essential buying guide for furnishing a preschool classroom – Including everything from tables and chairs to active play and toys.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Dish Room

Every commercial foodservice needs a reliable dish room; however, there’s more to a dish room than simply the dishwashing unit. Important considerations include the setup and flow, type of dishmachine, add-ons, accessories, and type of foodservice. We outline the important considerations here.

Doyon Ovens: How To Buy

Whether you are baking, roasting, or cooking, having the proper oven and skill set is essential for being successful in a commercial kitchen. Find the perfect oven from Doyon.

Carter-Hoffmann Holding and Transport Cabinets: How to Buy

Holding and transport cabinets allow operators to keep food at safe temperatures until it is ready to be served, even while transporting the food offsite to events or the like. Carter-Hoffmann offers holding cabinets in a variety of sizes and styles perfect for any commercial operation.

Classroom Furniture Ideas

The modern classroom is very different from even 20 years ago. It has tablets, dry-erase walls, and also couches. Not only do classes have these fun improvements, but they’re also getting students more involved and collaborative. It’s essential to buy the right kind of furniture for your classroom so learners can be set up for success in academics and relationships. We’ve written a guide on purchasing classroom furniture and flexible seating so that you can create a thriving learning environment.

Buying Guide for School Kitchens | Printable

School kitchens are different from your standard commercial restaurant kitchen. Specific supplies are needed to serve multiple meals a day to large groups of students, all the while keeping their vulnerable immune systems and food sensitivities top of mind. While a school only operates in certain months of the year, the cafeteria needs to be well prepared for high volume cooking and serving during these months.

Advance Tabco Worktables

Advance Tabco is an industry leader in stainless steel commercial work tables. They carefully manufacture durable tables meant to last years in your foodservice establishment. Picking the right worktable can be a daunting task. We’ve created the ultimate buying guide to Advance Tabco worktables to help find the best table for you.

MetroMax Polymer Shelving – The Forever Shelving Solution

For over 80 years, Metro has been the industry leader in commercial shelving. Metro's wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. Their focus has been on providing customers with uncompromised reliability and flexibility to create unique storage solutions...

Pastry and Bakery Display Cases | Buying Guide

You have likely been in a coffee shop, bakery, or grocery store and been tantalized by a pastry or baked good in a display case. Businesses utilize bakery display cases to merchandise their baked goods and show them for sale. These glass display cases are used to create tempting presentations in the hopes of making a last-minute sale while customers wait in line to check out. Display cabinets are also excellent for displays in restaurants to sell house-made desserts.

What is a Steam Table Pan?

Steam pans are an industry standard for serving and warming food. These pans come in several sizes and configurations and are used in a steam table (or hot food table). A steam table can be used as a buffet station for self-service, or in a back-of-house cook line for convenient plating of meals. Steam pans can be made of a variety of materials, but the most popular are stainless steel and plastic. We’ve compiled the most useful information for finding and buying the right steam table pans for you.

Wine Central: 12+ Wine Glass Types + Tips + Brands

If you’re not offering wine service at your restaurant, you’re missing out on major profit opportunity. But guests want more than just wine – they want an experience. How you serve your wine and what you serve it in makes a difference. Learn about many popular types of wine glasses, as well as tips for purchasing, care and maintenance, and glassware brands with our Wine Glasses Buying Guide. Which type of wine glass should you use? Find out here.

Buying Restaurant and Bar Furniture

The furniture in your restaurant can make or break a customer’s experience. If it’s comfortable and high-quality, they’re probably going to want to stay a little longer. Adding quality furniture can instantly boost the appearance and atmosphere in your business. In this article, we’ve broken down the main types of restaurant and bar furniture and what types work best in your environment.

Automated, Undercounter Dishwashing vs. Manual Compartment Sinks

Don’t gamble on sanitation. If you’re still washing dishes manually, you can’t guarantee a consistent, thorough clean every time. If this is a gamble you’re taking, you could be increasing your risk of physical harm. Learn the pros and cons of automated undercounter dishwashing compared to manually washing and sanitizing with a compartment sink.

Supply List for School Kitchens and Cafeterias

School kitchens are different from your standard commercial restaurant kitchen. Specific supplies are needed to serve multiple meals a day to large groups of students, all the while keeping their vulnerable immune systems and food sensitivities top of mind. While a school only operates in certain months of the year, the cafeteria needs to be well prepared for high volume cooking and serving during these months.

Aluminum Furniture: Your Commercial Patio Hero

If you’re looking to furnish a patio at your restaurant, bar, or café, aluminum furniture might be for you. This metal is durable and easy to clean, and it also is resistant to rust, making it perfect for outdoor use. There are several reasons to consider aluminum for commercial patio use.

China vs. Plastic: What’s Best for Dinnerware?

Deciding which type of dinnerware to feature in your foodservice operation can be daunting. There’s just so many options to choose from and several questions to ask. Will it coordinate with the current setup? Can it enhance the dining room ambiance? Will it withstand heavy use, or will it need replacing frequently?

How to Find the Best Meat Knife for You

It’s confusing to pick out a meat knife for your commercial kitchen. There are several types of meat knives that all have different uses. We’re here to take out the hassle in buying professional knives for cutting, preparing, and carving meats.