Holding cabinets and proofing cabinets are used in the foodservice industry to maintain foods in an ideal environment in order to keep them as fresh as possible. Holding cabinets keep fully cooked food at safe temperatures until it is ready to be served while proofing cabinets provide the best possible conditions for the final step in making the perfect dough. These units allow operators to change temperature and humidity for each specific food, so the food is perfectly heated or held.  

Cabinets (holding, proofing, or a combination of the two) are available in a variety of sizes and styles with various features and benefits. Insulation is one of the important considerations when purchasing a holding or proofing cabinet. So, does your new unit need insulation or not? 

Picture Credit: Vulcan Equipment


Non-insulated cabinets are a great option for a smaller budget, or for low volume operations. These cabinets do their job of holding foods at proper environments and do so at a lower price point than insulated models.  


  • Lower price point – an economical option 


  • Less energy-efficient than insulated models 
  • The exterior of some units will be hot to the touch and radiate that heat into the busy kitchen 



An insulated cabinet reduces heat loss and reduces energy usage. The units are generally more expensive than non-insulated cabinets, however they make up for the cost in the long run thanks to the energy savings. 


  • Energy efficient 
  • Great for off-site events such as catering, weddings, etc. 
  • Cool to touch exterior 
  • Less radiating heat leaves the kitchen cooler 


  • Higher initial investment 


Learn about all of the options to be aware of when shopping for holding and proofing cabinets with our buying guide! And if there are any additional questions, one of our helpful expert product consultants would be happy to assist you at 800-215-9293!