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Profiting with Pizza: An Easy Way to Drive Revenue

The foodservice industry has been one of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Due to measures to protect the population from contracting and transmitting the virus, varying mandates from state to state have been passed with several requiring...

How To Create a Hands-Free Restaurant Menu Using QR Codes

As restaurants and bars continue to resume dine-in service during the COVID-19 pandemic, extra precautions are being made in order to promote a safe customer experience. For example, most restaurants are using disposable paper menus instead of their traditional menus,...

What are Charger Plates?

Charger plates, sometimes referred to as show plates, are a growing trend often observed in elegant and private dining setting such as banquets, catered events, and exclusive golf clubs. These large plates, used for displays and suggestive selling, elevate the ambiance and the overall dining experience – really giving a charge to your tabletop presentation.

What’s Next: 6 Emerging Trends for Restaurants Resuming Dine-In Services During COVID-19

Even as the country reopens and dine-in services at restaurants resume, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is still on top of of everyone’s mind. As people begin to re-emerge for a night on the town after a months-long quarantine, it’s important for restaurant operators to balance the experience they seek, with strict safety precautions. Here are the trends we’re seeing as restaurant begin to reopen their dining rooms to the public.

5 Juice Recipes to Add to Your Restaurant Menu

So, you’ve decided to start juicing in your restaurant. You’re not only going to want an excellent juicer, but some great recipes to try out on your customers. We’ve put together five easy, but unique, juice recipes to get you started with juicing. Customers will love these fresh creations, and you can branch out on these recipes to create more custom juices.

How to Make a Profit Selling Juice

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to making and selling fresh juice. A juice business is nothing new, but it’s something that you should consider if you haven’t yet. In the United States, juice businesses can be profitable because of the popularity among customers for the convenience in getting required nutrients, making the juice business a natural pair.

Guide to Reopening K-12 Schools Amid COVID-19

As schools prepare for the return of staff and students, it’s important that safety precautions are impletemented to protect against the threat of COVID-19. Our guide outlines cleaning and disinfecting procedures, adapting the classroom to accommodate social distancing practices, and extra steps to protect those at a higher risk of severe illness. Is your school ready to reopen?

Why You Should Introduce Juicing to Your Restaurant

You’ve probably heard about juicing through social media, news articles, and celebrities. It’s making its mark as a healthy and delicious way to consume your daily produce. Many food establishments are getting on board with this trend from brunch restaurants to smoothie stands. We’re going to take you through the benefits of drinking juice for your customers as well as the benefits of selling juice in your business.

Closing Up Shop in the Face of the Coronavirus

We are living in uncertain times. The outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has brought normal life to a halt around the world. Each day, new guidelines are being put forth by state and federal governments in order to help stunt the growth of this highly...

Restaurant Patio Ideas to Wow Your Customers

A well-designed outdoor dining space will add valuable seating and atmosphere to your business. This article will give you some ideas on decorating and furnishing your restaurant patio in order to maximize the environment and entice customers.

Deciding What Type of Bar to Open

Opening a bar first begins with deciding which type of bar to open. The type of bar that’s right for you needs to fit with your personality as well as customer needs. Learn all about the various types of bars here.

How to Recycle Food Waste (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Composting and recycling food waste is growing in popularity in the United States, and it’s because of programs implemented in restaurants, businesses, and homes. The concept of saving and repurposing food waste is appealing because of its potential to help the environment as well as people in need. We discuss how to recycle food waste and why it’s a good idea.

The Growing Problem: Food Waste in Restaurants

By now, you are probably no stranger to the concept of food waste in some capacity. Whether you’ve read about how restaurants donate their unused/unsold food to local shelters, or how food waste is negatively impacting the environment, there are endless resources to learn about this problem. We explored the world of food waste in restaurants and how you as an owner, chef, or employee can reduce the waste that your foodservice business produces.

What Food Can I Compost?

Composting is the choice method in many restaurants for recycling food waste. While it can be appealing to throw anything in a compost pile, there are some food items that you should not compost. We created a quick reference for what you can and can not compost.

Custom Dinnerware by Homer Laughlin

Your dinnerware should help tell your story. Did you know that the average 18 to 34-year-old has approximately 500 followers on various social media platforms? And it seems like everyone is always snapping pics and posting their dishes – especially when serving presentation is prioritized. Posts by as few as ten people can generate thousands of impressions online. Make sure your logo is front and center with customized dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.

What are Delivery Only Kitchens?

You may hear about a topic more in the coming years as the industry continues to change. It goes by many names but has one impactful purpose. If you haven’t heard of Delivery Only Kitchens, Ghost Restaurants, or Virtual Restaurants, you may want to learn more about this trending concept. The idea is simple but is executed in several different ways. In this article we discuss what a delivery-only kitchen is, how they’re being implemented in the industry, and why business owners might use or start one.

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Social Media

How many times have you been scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, and become instantly jealous of a friend’s meal? Suddenly, you want to try a new restaurant that you didn’t even know about five minutes ago. This example, and many others like it, are part of a growing list of reasons why social media has become a restaurant’s best marketing tool.

Employee Turnover in the Food Service Industry Today

As the world continues to digitize and consumer expectations shift, restaurants face new challenges. It is no longer enough to offer good food. Restaurants instead must familiarize themselves with the evolving digital economy and provide unique experiences, especially if they wish to attract the highly sought-after millennial demographic.

Trend Alert: The Future of Warewashing

Every two years, the biggest show in commercial foodservice takes place. NAFEM – the National Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers – presents a unique opportunity for commercial distributors and manufacturing partners to come together to experience firsthand...

Coffee Beans and Roasts

For most, starting the day off with a strong cup of java is a consistent ritual with no margin for change. For some, like this blog writer, it’s a ritual that continues all day long. The best cup of coffee is purely a matter of preference. Strengths and flavors vary based on the type of coffee bean, region it’s grown, and the how it’s roasted. So, join me in pouring yet another cup and exploring the major factors that can take your coffee brewing to the next level.