You’ve probably heard about juicing through social media, news articles, and celebrities. It’s making its mark as a healthy and delicious way to consume your daily produce. Many food establishments are getting on board with this trend from brunch restaurants to smoothie stands. We’re going to take you through the benefits of drinking juice for your customers as well as the benefits of selling juice in your business.
Orange Juice with fresh produce

Why Make Fresh Juice?

You might wonder if incorporating fresh juice into your menu is the right move. It turns out that this seemingly passing trend has stuck around due to its actual benefits to the health of your diners and customers. Diners may be looking to improve overall health, supplement their diet, or even fight allergy symptoms. Fresh juice can give these benefits and more to your customers.

What You Get from Juicing

Benefits to Your Customers

A juice that is free of pulp and fiber Great for customers with stomach sensitivity to fruit pulp, seeds, and fibers
Compact product More can get consumed before feeling full
Portable drink that can be enjoyed in-house or taken on the go Convenient and quick nutrition
A nutrient-dense liquid Easier to consume more fruits and vegetables
According to this Mayo Clinic Article, juicing can assist in removing toxins from the body and aid in digestion. Juicing can also be a way to add fruits and vegetables to a diet easily and deliciously. Diners are starting to look for more healthy options as fast casual and farm-to-table restaurants are becoming more popular. Consumers are beginning to see the importance of taking care of their bodies through healthy eating, and juicing can contribute to this new lifestyle. There are almost unlimited possibilities for produce and add-in options to mix into fresh juice. Add-ins are becoming a favorite among health-conscious people that want even more benefits to drinking juice. Things like spirulina, chia seeds, and even bee pollen are put in juices to increase the health benefits even further, for instance. While you might not go this far in your offerings, this is something to remember as the trend sticks around. Juicing can also provide a new experience for your patrons. Many restaurants and cafes have incorporated their juicers visible to the front-of-house so their customers can watch as their juice gets made from fresh produce. Showcasing your juicing efforts in front-of-house can add to your atmosphere and demonstrate your commitment to serving healthy food. As a result, a new experience can give a positive, healthy feeling to your environment.

Customer Experience Benefits with Fresh Juice

With quick service and delivery increasing in popularity, expectations are changing across the foodservice industry. Juice can be added to your menu through to-go options. To-go allows for a quick and convenient order for on-the-go customers. Juice can also add to your delivery offerings through bottling and packaging. Bottling is an easy opportunity for you and a convenient option for consumption. Juice doesn’t just have to be for drinking directly – Add it to beverages in your bar for delicious and unique cocktails. Fresh pressed juice is an excellent addition to a specialty drink menu. It is also growing in popularity as an additive to brunch cocktails. Nothing goes better on the side of brunch than a mimosa with fresh-squeezed orange juice!

    How Can Fresh Juice Benefit Customers?

    • More vegetables and fruits added to their diet
    • Easy to consume daily vitamins, especially on the go
    • More digestible without pulps and fibers
    • Assists in detoxifying the body with nutrients and antioxidants
    • Enriched experience in your food establishment
    • Increased energy from getting extra nutrients
    • Added variety in cocktail recipes
    Fresh fruit with juice

    Benefits of Adding Juice to Your Menu

    There are several health benefits to drinking fresh juice, but what are the benefits of adding juice to your business? You don’t need to start a separate juice bar to get the reward of selling juice. Restaurants, cafes, and bakeries are all beginning to offer fresh juice as an addition to their existing menus with positive results.

    High Mark-Up Opportunity

    It’s no secret that drinks have the highest markups in the foodservice industry. High markup value is especially true for alcoholic and specialty beverages. Many chain restaurants offer drinks like coffees, juices, and smoothies in addition to soda to help with margins. Top priced drinks can bring in additional dollars for your business and can especially add value to places that don’t have the option to serve alcohol.

    Upgrade Your Atmosphere

    Do you often see people tag your business on social media? Do you read reviews that positively talk about your environment? If you answered “no” to one or both of these questions, your restaurant might benefit from adding a juicer to your equipment. Juicing can be shown in the front-of-house to add a visual for customers, enhancing the customer’s overall experience. Serving fresh juice with a strong presentation can also provide a prime picture opportunity for social-savvy clients. Small changes like this will add to the overall experience in your restaurant or cafe.

    Keep a Fresh Menu

    Healthy and clean eating seem to be more than a passing trend in today’s market. These eating styles are inspiring new businesses, existing businesses, and even new industries not previously tapped. Use juicing if you’re looking to get in on this expanding trend but don’t want to open your own health food company. Updating the menu in your establishment with some trendy offerings will help keep the public interested in what you have to serve.

    Spice Up Your Bar

    In line with specialty drinks, specialty cocktails can add variety to your alcohol menu. Restaurants are hopping on board with the brunch trend by offering “breakfast cocktails” like Mimosas and Bloody Marys, for example. Cocktails will instantly improve with the addition of fresh pressed juice. If your establishment can serve alcohol, consider combining juices with your bar offering.

    Seasonal Features

    If you’re looking to add specials to your menu for each season, consider juices as a seasonal offering. You may not want to commit the time to change your menu permanently, but want to serve different items during the year. Create various special drinks for each season to experiment offering juices with less commitment.

    Why Should I Introduce Juicing to My Menu? 

    To sum it up, juicing can give your customers a new experience and healthy options in your restaurant. Adding juice to your menu will keep it up-to-date on trends as well as keep your patrons coming back. Specialty drinks like fresh juice have excellent margins and infuse them in your bar menu for unique cocktails. Add a juicer to your equipment lineup to impress your diners, keep your menu fresh, and add extra margin dollars.
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