Holding and transport cabinets allow operators to keep food at safe temperatures until it is ready to be served, even while transporting the food offsite to events or the like. Carter-Hoffmann has been producing top of the line holding and transport cabinets since 1947 and now offers a variety of levels to accommodate every kind of food service setting. Which Carter-Hoffmann holding cabinet is best for your operations? Let’s review. 

PH Series Heated Transport 

Great for: convention centers, hotels, schools, restaurants, and more 

Biggest feature: a variety of tray slide configurations to accommodate various pan sizes and types 

The PH Series Heated Transport cabinets from Carter-Hoffmann are the starting place for many caterers, cruise ships, schools, and more. The cabinets feature a blower heated system that is either top or bottom mounted to heat covered food while it is transported down the hall, across campus, and more. The cabinet allows a variety of tray slide configurations that can accommodate multiple pan sizes and types for increased flexibility for operators. 

Available in under-counter, ½, ¾, and full-size cabinets, the PH Series is made for transportation. Turned in seam unibody construction, wheel ahead caster configuration and wrap-around bumpers all set apart this workhorse.  

Pan Capacities:

Satellite Transport Carts 

Great for: multiple unit restaurants, caterers, universities, and more 

Biggest feature: made for transporting long distances 

Safely transport prepared foods for long distances with the help of the Satellite Transport Carts from Carter-Hoffmann. Featuring heavy-duty features including recessed doors, locking transport latches, four push handles, full perimeter bumper and wheel-ahead caster pattern, the cabinet makes transportation a breeze. The cabinet is available in ½ or full size with top or bottom mounted removable heating systems. Across campus or across town, the Satellite Transport Carts are here to save the day! 

Pan Capacities:

EnduraHeat Transport 

Great for: caterers, universities off-site events 

Biggest featureEnduraHeat system heats unit for up to 2 hours without being plugged in or the use of chafing fuel. 

Transport bulk covered food anywhere with the EnduraHeat Transport series. The cabinets feature a heat retention system that allows operators to charge the unit, load pans, and go! The EnduraHeat will radiate warmth throughout the cabinet for up to two hours and keep foods at serve safe temperatures. 

The cabinet is available in ½ or full height cabinets and features a dual function heating system. Simply flip a switch to change between standard convection heating and EnduraHeat while on the go. Safely transport 12”x20” or 18”x26” pans and trust the durability of the cabinet with heavy-duty features such as recessed doors and latches, ergonomic handles, wrap-around bumper and turned in seam unibody construction. 

Pan Capacities: 

Gridless Heated Transport 

Great for: caterers, banquet operators, schools 

Biggest feature: operates on battery power for up to 4 hours on a full charge 

The Gridless Heated Transport allows food to be held at proper temperatures while utilizing AC or DC power. The on-board battery keeps the controls and fans operating for up to four hours on a single charge, or plug in and charge while not in transport.  

The cabinet is available in ¾ and full heights and features latches to keep food safely inside and ergonomic handles to easily maneuver while in transport. A wrap-around bumper protects walls and the turned in seam, stainless steel unibody construction is durable to withstand regular use.

Pan Capacities:

Final Thoughts 

When your operation needs to transport your deliciously prepared foods, trust Carter-Hoffmann to provide a plethora of options the simplify the process. Browse online and contact our expert product consultants for additional personal assistance at 800-215-9293. 

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