Cres Cor, founded in 1936, is a proud family-owned company centrally located in Cleveland, Ohio. The company offers state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities in its 275,000 square footprint, as well as superb customer service. Offering a wide array of essential equipment for commercial kitchens such as hot cabinets, ovens, utility cabinets, racks, dollies, and more, Cres Cor delivers unsurpassed quality and reliability.

“Our focus is to continually bring new ideas and exciting, labor, and money-saving products to the market. We are an 80 year ‘young’ company, always striving to improve our products, processes, and ourselves.” – Cliff Baggot, Cres Cor’s President

Going Green

Cres Cor is dedicated to providing products made with recycled materials. Today, 75% of the stainless steel used in their factory is recycled!

Alternative Energy

In an effort to find renewable energy sources, Cres Cor installed a 70,000 square-foot field of solar panels behind their manufacturing facility to power a large percentage of their operations.

Innovative Equipment with Alternate Energy Sources

Innovate and energy efficiency collide with the “Off the Grid” hot cabinets from Cres Cor. Indoors or out, the cabinets offer the flexibility to move anywhere while maintaining long-term hot holding without the use of electrical power. The HotCube runs on propane only for efficient and affordable off-premise holding that lasts for hours!

Energy Star

Cres Cor hot cabinets are fully insulated to trap heat and save on energy costs over their long lifespan. The efficiency of these hot cabinets has earned Cres Cor the badge of Energy Star rated equipment. See the comparison of thermal images of a competitor’s cabinet vs a Cres Cor hot cabinet.

Cres Cor Hot Cabinets: Good, Better, Best

Ready to invest in your operations with a high-quality hot cabinet? Cres Cor is here for you. Use the chart below to compare the benefits of each model to find the best fit for your needs. Download a larger version of the chart here.

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