If you’ve ever worked in the fast-paced world of a restaurant kitchen, you know that details make all the difference. Having supplies within arm’s reach makes prep work a breeze; however, taking time to search for an ingredient or a tool can derail your routine. That’s why a properly stocked, organized refrigerated prep table is an effective way to ensure success.

But which refrigerated prep unit is right for you? Does your kitchen have enough space? If you have questions, you’re in luck, because Prep School is now in session.

Refrigerated Prep Units

From mounted rolling casters that make cleaning or rearranging a breeze to endlessly customizable surface layouts, these NSF 7 compliant refrigerated prep tables are all designed to make your kitchen run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Read on for a lesson on the most popular types of prep table units.

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Pizza Prep Tables

Have you ever bitten into what appears to be a regular pepperoni pizza and found a single, uninvited black olive? Or how about getting a mouthful of chewy sausage when you were expecting crisp veggies? Save your customers from that unpleasant experience and more by preparing pizzas on a prep table designed especially for pizzas.

With a raised railing around your toppings area and multiple ways to organize food pans, you can effectively prevent cross-contamination of ingredients while creating a convenient, customized layout. The cutting board worktop provides space to prep vegetables, which can then be stored in the refrigerated area tucked beneath the unit. Ideal for pizza parlors and delis.

Sandwich/Salad Prep Tables

Building a delicious salad or sandwich works a lot like an assembly line, and everyone has their own preferred method of doing things. With a sandwich/salad prep table, you have the freedom to organize food pans in whatever arrangement suits your needs, and that’s only the beginning of what makes these units so convenient.

With a built-in cutting board and a refrigerated compartment under the worktop, fresh ingredients can be prepared and stored for easy access — so you don’t even have to leave the work area to restock.

Sandwich prep tables are available in a range of sizes, from 27 inches to 93 inches. They are also available in models with 1, 2, or 3 doors.

Accessories for sandwich prep tables are also available to create even more efficiencies, featuring overshelves and sneezeguards for enhanced sanitation efforts.

Prep Tables with Drawers

The smallest member of the refrigerated worktop family, prep tables with drawers are a great way to maximize space in a small kitchen. By transforming a workstation into a refrigerated workstation, you’re effectively doubling the value of that area. Prep tables with drawers are ideal for tight workspaces, convenience stores, schools, or small cafeterias.

Refrigerated Equipment Stands

Designed to match the standard height of commercial cooking equipment, refrigerated equipment stands fit seamlessly into your kitchen. Customize your food pan layout within each individual drawer to create the most efficient configuration for your workstation, and you can rest assured that the insulated worktop will prevent any heated cooking equipment on top from affecting the refrigerated contents below.

This type of unit is a good choice for any foodservice establishment with high output needs like restaurants with large dining rooms or cafeterias.

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Refrigerated Equipment Stand

Worktop Refrigeration Units

If versatility is what you need, look no further than the standard refrigerated worktop unit. Available as a refrigerator or freezer, this type of unit provides additional counter space and storage without taking up too much space. Because of its convenient mobility and smaller size, this is an excellent choice for school cafeterias and space-conscious kitchens.

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Refrigerated Worktop Unit

There are plenty of similarities between the various types of refrigerated prep tables and each of them will certainly improve your workspace. The secret to making the right choice is simply finding the unit that fits into both your kitchen layout and your routine. If you have more questions about which prep unit will best meet your needs, talk to one of our product experts by calling 800-215-9293 and get customized advice.

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