The most important part about serving food is maintaining safe temperatures. When delivering food or catering an event, transporting food requires proper equipment to ensure these safe temperatures. Restaurants are switching to mainly delivery and take out options due to the current climate amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Adriana Desiderio from Cambro Manufacturing states, “For the foreseeable future, safe and efficient food transportation is essential for restaurants and schools. “ Insulated food delivery bags are perfect for preserving this freshness while safely delivering these foods. 

What is an Insulated Food Delivery Bag? 

Insulated food delivery bags are waterproof bags made with either a nylon or vinyl exterior designed to keep foods either properly heated, or properly chilled. These delivery bags are extremely versatile and can transport everything from pizzas, subs, deli trays, pies, wings, pasta, drinks, and more. 

Let’s break down all the options when shopping for insulated food delivery bags to find the best option for your operations.  

Delivery Bags Construction Options

Exterior Options  Nylon bags are breathable allowing for steam to escape, while keeping the food at proper temperatures. Nylon is perfect for keeping pizza crusts crispy.  Vinyl bags do not allow steam to escape like nylon bags, trapping in moisture which can affect the quality of the food. Vinyl bags, however, generally cost less so may be an option if traveling short distances to deliver.    
Insulation Options  PVC foam is cost-effective and durable, perfect for withstanding oil, grease, and chemicals. PVC is available in hard or soft foam.  Polyurethane Foam (PU) is a very flexible, durable and resilient material that is also light weight. The open cell design is breathable – making it resistant to mildew and odors.   Polyester foam is also light weight, flexible, durable, breathable, and resilient like PU. However, polyester foam also boasts cut resistance that allows the bag to stand the test of time. Polyester is also the most expensive insulation option. 
Closure Options  Hook-and-Loop closure offers a quick and simple way to keep bags secured.  Another simple closure option on many bags is a zipper closure. These closures and quick and easy to use, as well as durable.  Side release buckles allow users to easily secure contents inside of the bag. To access the interior, just squeeze the sides of the closure. 
Configurations  The top loading option is great for catering operations when stacking take out containers, deli trays, and such.   End loading style is great for pizza deliveries – allowing easy access to safely keep up to 10 pizza boxes at a time.   

Additional Features 

Depending on the needs for your insulated food delivery bag, there are many more features to consider when shopping. Remember that not all delivery bags will have these features and are beneficial for varying applications. 

  • ID Windows: clear windows on the exterior of the bag – perfect for displaying coupons, menus, order tickets, etc. 
  • Metal Racks: perfect for holding pizzas in large volume operations. These racks add more bulk to bags, but also add efficiency when delivering. 
  • Heavy Stitching: most commercial will feature heavy stitching to withstand the demands of constant delivering. This helps to prevent rips. Reinforced handles also add durability. 
  • Hard Bottom: added stability in the bottom of the bag makes it easier to carry and ensures that containers are not damaged while carrying. 
  • Pockets: add flexibility to separate hot and cold items, or store condiments, menus, drinks, etc. 
  • Reflective Strips: keep delivery workers safe to traffic when making deliveries in the dark. 
  • Storage Loops: allow bags to be hung and organized. 

Top Insulated Delivery Bags 

Central Restaurant Products offers delivery bags from top vendors such as CambroVollrathRubbermaidAmerican Metalcraft, and our own lines Value Series and Central Exclusive. Each of these manufacturers offers delivery bags at varying price points with a range of great features.  

For example, Cambro offers a full line of delivery bags under their GoBag model. These “high-quality Delivery GoBags are designed to be manageable for employees to carry, easy to clean and are available in a foldable design for compact storage. Utilizing Cambro Delivery GoBags ensures food and beverages stay fresh from kitchen to customer,” says Desiderio.  

No matter what brand or model delivery bag your restaurant or schools decides to utilize, consider the type of food that will carriedthe containers that will be used, and the size of orders that will be transported. 

Economic  Insulated Food Delivery Bag  Value Series Insulated Food Delivery and Transport Bag – 22″Wx22″D – Holds (6) 20″ Boxes 

Price: $  

Additional Features 

-Reinforced handles 

Top Loading 

-Zipper Closure 

-22”W x 22”D x 12”H 

-Holds (6) 20” pizza boxes 

Every Day Use   Insulated Food Delivery Bag
Central Exclusive PBF10 Insulated Pizza Bag – Fabric, Holds (10) 16″ Pizzas 

Price: $$ 

Additional Features: 

-1 hardboard insert per side 

-2” thick insulation 

-Velcro closure 


17”W x 17”D x 23”H 

-Holds (10) 16” pizza boxes 

Every Day Use   Insulated Food Delivery Bag Cambro GBD13913110 – GoBag Delivery Bag – Small – 13″ x 9″ x 13″  

Price: $$ 

Additional Features: 

-Velcro lid 

-Top Loading 

-Sewn-in adjustable strap 


-High density insulated 

-Nylon construction 

Heavy Usage   Insulated Food Delivery Bag Vollrath VCBL500 5-Series Large Insulated Catering Bag with Heating Pad 

Price: $$$ 

Additional Features: 

Hard bottom 

-Reinforced handles and stitching 

-Zipper closure 

-Top Loading 

-Large zipped window 

-Removable heating pad 

15”W x 23”D x 14”H 

-Holds (3) full size 4” deep food pans 

Insulated Food Delivery Bags in Schools: COVID-19 Application 

During the coronavirus pandemic, schools are facing many changes and challenges when it comes to serving meals. One solution during this unprecedented time is the use of insulated food delivery bags. If the school is opting to have kitchen staff deliver meals to students in the classroom, insulated food delivery bags allow meals to be safely delivered at the perfect temperatures. This will also allow for limited exposure as staff delivers meals to each classroom. 

For more information on how food delivery bags can be best utilized in the school setting, call one of our expert product consultants at 800-215-9293. 

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