Anyone that has worked in a commercial kitchen knows that time is limited. Food prep can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in the kitchen. However, the right tools can save time and effort when preparing food. We understand how tedious these tasks can feel and that there isn’t enough space for every kind of tool in your kitchen – so we’re giving you our top 5 favorite multi-purpose small wares. These tools will save you time and effort during food prep and bring some more efficiency into your kitchen.

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The Most Versatile Food Prep Utensils/Tools

If you’re short on space in your kitchen, you need food prep utensils and tools that can serve more than one purpose. Add efficiency and ease to your food preparation by adding the right tools to your lineup. We collected five of our favorite food prep small wares for their versatility.

Sheet Pan

Sheet Pans

These flat pans are a staple in any commercial kitchen. Usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, they are built for durability.


  • Baking and cooling in the same tray
  • Assembling high quantities of foods for service (sandwiches, appetizers)
  • Decorating or filling baked goods
Pastry Bag in Use

Pastry Bags

Commonly used for frosting or piping baked goods, pastry bags are disposable and convenient. These bags aren’t just for desserts!


  • Pipe beautiful mashed potatoes
  • Fill pastries
  • Portion out batters for cooking
  • Stuff pasta or appetizers

Tip: Pastry bags work best with pastry bag tips! Keep work clean and create less mess.

Green #12 disher


Portioners are a familiar favorite for many commercial kitchens and cafeterias. They aren’t just for serving food, though!


  • Divide batters for baking
  • Portion control in school cafeterias
  • Dish ingredients for recipes
  • Dish ice cream or custard
Vegetable chopper

Vegetable Choppers

These versatile tools are useful for more than just cutting up tomatoes! Adopt a vegetable chopper and watch your food prep time drop significantly. Different blade cartridges add even more flexibility to this tool.


  • Chop vegetables for cooking, salsa, and more
  • Cut potatoes or onions for frying
  • Dice fruit for salads, sides, or baking
First In, First Out Bottle

Food Pourer Containers

Also known as FIFO Squeeze Bottles, these containers are ideal for dispensing a controlled amount of ingredients.


  • Dispense sauces or ingredients when cooking
  • Control portions of batter (pancakes, muffins, cupcakes)
  • Create professional garnishes on plates

Tip: Check out classic squeeze bottles for similar uses!

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