The food prep space in your kitchen is the epicenter of activity. You slice, mix, dice, and chop at this station, so you need the right tools to be efficient. Without the right supplies, chefs can’t make the best food for your business. We created a checklist of the essential supplies you need for your food prep station.

An efficient food preparation space will help your kitchen operate smoothly during high volume demand, and will prepare you to run a meal service with little hurdles.

What Food Prep Supplies Do You Need in a Professional Kitchen?

There is a wide variety of supplies and equipment that you need to properly operate your kitchen. While this list doesn’t include everything you need, these essential tools and supplies are a great place to start when stocking your kitchen.

What Else You Need in Your Food Prep Space

You’ve got all of the supplies you need – now what? You’ll need a durable surface to work on. Stainless steel work tables will provide you with ample space to work, and some offer storage. Consider one to two sturdy work tables in your prep area to maximize the space for your staff.

When shopping for food prep supplies, be sure to evaluate the type of cooking or baking you’ll be doing. If you operate a bakery, you’ll want to look further into bakery supplies and tools. If your restaurant is more of a barbecue or steak place, look at cutlery and knife accessories. 

Download the PDF version of our food prep supplies checklist to keep in your prep space!

Buying Supplies for Your Restaurant 

Looking to buy other supplies for your commercial kitchen or dining room? Read more in our Resource Center on buying everything from flatware and glasses to food pans. 

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