In foodservice, there are a select few brands that are known throughout the industry simply by name. When it comes to commercial refrigeration, one name comes to mind – True. For over 70 years, True Refrigeration has been steadfast in its mission: “To provide a wide range of American-made commercial refrigeration products, which exceed industry quality standards, at competitive prices.”

Who is True Manufacturing?


It all started in 1945, when Bob Trulaske along with his father, Frank, and brother, Art, started a refrigeration company out of their home in St. Louis, Missouri. The goal was to create electric-powered refrigeration for commercial use. Back then, commercial refrigeration required large blocks of ice to provide cooling. This proved expensive over time, as the ice would constantly need replaced as it melted.

In 1948, the 7UP company took notice of the Trulaske family’s innovation, placing its first order of True roll top bottle coolers. From there, True Refrigeration took off, creating coolers for Royal Crown Cola and eventually getting approval in 1966 to sell bottle coolers to the Coca-Cola Company.

True began selling their equipment to the foodservice industry in 1972.  They began expanding their refrigeration line from bottle coolers and glass door merchandisers to include reach-in refrigeration, undercounter and worktop units, and prep tables.

Today, True Refrigeration’s impact can be seen almost everywhere. Just walk into any restaurant or retail location, and chances are you’ll see a True refrigerator or freezer in operation.

Why True Refrigeration is a Premier Brand

T-Series: The Industry Standard

True’s T-Series of reach-in refrigerators and freezers are well regarded within the foodservice industry for their exceptional value. Their stainless steel exterior and NSF-approved clear aluminum interior provide enduring quality and dependable food safety. The bottom mount compressor performs in the coolest, most grease-free area of the kitchen.

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

With growing concerns about the environment and global warming, True was one of the first manufacturers to embrace the change to hydrocarbon refrigerants in their equipment. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural, nontoxic refrigerants that have no ozone-depleting properties and low global warming potential.

True has moved their product over to R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant, which carries a GWP (global warming potential) of 3, compared to standard refrigerants R134A (1430 GWP) and R404A (a whopping 3922 GWP).

Made in the USA

As more domestic manufacturers look to save costs by outsourcing their production overseas, True has taken pride in manufacturing American-made equipment and creating jobs right here in the USA. All 3.7 million square feet of True’s manufacturing facilities are located around the St. Louis region.

In addition, True supports other American businesses though purchasing 75 percent of their raw materials and components from American-made suppliers.

Energy Efficient Components

True Refrigeration uses state-of-the-art components such as oversized, energy efficient refrigeration systems and electrically commutated motors to exceed energy standards without sacrificing the workload. LED lighting provides a bright, attractive display while saving energy and reducing heat within.

This commitment has earned True Manufacturing back-to-back ENERGY STAR® Awards for Excellence in Product Design. Eighty-three base models are listed with ENERGY STAR® (254 total models).


Add a Splash of Color to Your True Cooler

If the look of stainless steel is ‘blah’ to you, we have good news; True can powdercoat the interior and exterior of most models in an array of standard or custom colors to fit your style!

True’s process includes a superior metal pre-treatment system that maximizes the adhesion of the powdercoating to the metal, providing a smooth, even finish, and preventing chipping. More than 20 standard RAL colors are available. Speak to one of Central’s knowledgeable Product Consultants to learn more!

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