For functional, elegant, eco-friendly outdoor furniture perfect for commercial settings, look no further than Wabash Valley! The company offers a wide selection of tables, chairs, planters, umbrellas, and so much more each in a variety of colors and styles. Wabash Valley prides themselves on providing reliable products without the high price tag.


Core Values

COMMITMENT A focus on leadership, the dedication and longevity of our employees, and a strong customer service desire to make things right
RESPONSIVENESS  An efficient manufacturing process, short lead time of product delivery, and immediate customer service follow-up, from estimating to order processing to issue resolution
RELIABILITY The durability and longevity of our products, designed to be functional and maintenance-free and backed by our warranty
VALUE Providing an excellent product at a reasonable price

The Wabash Valley flagship product line is all coated with Plastisol to weather the elements and withstand commercial use. The coating consists of 1/4″ coating that is heat-fused and permanently bonded to the steel for a superior coating and finish.

If you’re looking for sleek lines and urban feel, check out the Urbanscape Powder-coated line. This line gives you an architectural look with the expected durability. Many offerings are made of 100% aluminum for an architectural look that’s built to last. 

The newest offering from Wabash Valley is the Green Valley line. This furniture is constructed of PolyTuf Recycled Lumber that is constructed of post-consumer plastics. You can get the look of wood without the maintenance!

Wabash Valley prides themselves on offering their functional, elegant, eco-friendly furniture at a reasonable price. This furniture is designed to be maintenance-free and durable to extend the life of the products. Shop all of these quality product lines that fit your specific furniture needs!

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