With so many names in the industry, it can be difficult to discern what brands to trust in your kitchen. However, Carter-Hoffmann makes it easy to trust their holding and transporting equipment. Made in the USA, Carter-Hoffmann offers innovative and top-quality equipment that simplify service. 

Company History 

In 1947, the company’s founder, Carter Hoffmann, began the company as a small welding shop with an emphasis on stainless steel fabrication. The company quickly grew after Carter designed and sold the first-ever banquet cart to hotels with intention to simplify banquet service. The product line was soon rounded out with the addition of heated transport carts, mobile refrigerators, and utility equipment. Since then, the company has significantly grown and now focuses on creating innovative, reliable products in the holding and transporting realm.  

Made in the USA 

Carter-Hoffmann understands the value of manufacturing here in the United States. As the cost of raw materials and imports rise, Carter is keeping jobs close to home. Food holding cabinets are expertly designed and manufactured in Mundelein, Illinois just outside of Chicago. Learn more about their process:  

Carter-Hoffman Staples 

Holding and Transport Cabinets 

Holding and transport cabinets are great for catering and banquet events! The equipment allows operators to keep product at proper temperatures for an extended period and even allows the cabinet to be moved and continue to hold foods. 

The cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and feature latches to keep product safely inside, ergonomic handles for easy maneuvering, and wrap-around bumper to protect walls in case of the occasional bump. 

Banquet Carts 

Keep plated foods ready for service inside banquet carts! The stainless steel constructed carts feature wheel-ahead caster configuration to ensure that transportation is smooth. Meanwhile, powerful drop-in heaters and thick insulation keep plated foods at perfect temperatures until mealtime. 

Carter-Hoffmann offers a wide range of style and cart styles to fit dinner for everyone. Browse all of Carter’s Banquet Carts to find the perfect fit for your operations. 

New Innovative Products to Keep an Eye Out For 

GardenChef Herb and Micro Green Growing Cabinets 

Provide freshly grown herbs and microgreens right in from your kitchen with the Carter-Hoffmann GardenChef Growing Cabinet! The cabinets are a fully equipped ecosystem with the ability to program lighting, water and water quality to provide the perfect environment to grow. The GardenChef is perfect for farm-to-table and schools to save money and provide fresh ingredients. A few main features: 

  • Two-door, single-door, and under-counter sizes 
  • Touchpad controls for setting up to 40 plant selections, watering and lighting cycles, monitoring water quality, for each growing zone 
  • All stainless steel construction 
  • Tempered glass doors to showcase your living plants 
  • Roll-out drawers for each access and harvesting your greens 


Dry aging is a science that requires very specific environments in order to produce delicious prime ribs and short loin, or for curing charcuterie and cheese. The TenderChef cabinet evaporates moisture from the product to boost the flavor by concentrating it. The enzymes in the meat then break down the connective tissues resulting in a much more tender outcome.  

The growth of fungi on the surface creates a crust that helps to protect the core of the cut and ensures that the right amount of moisture remains in the product for further tenderization. 

A few main features:  

  • Holds product up to 6 months 
  • Touchpad controls for temperature, humidity and aging/curing cycles 
  • UVC sterilization and precise airflow for the ideal environment 
  • LED interior lighting 
  • Field reversible locking door 
  • App for online monitoring 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to Carter-Hoffmann, chefs know that they are receiving quality and innovation. With a plethora of choices among products, it is easy to find the perfect fit for your commercial kitchen. Keep an eye out for all of the new innovation from Carter-Hoffmann through Central! 

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