Channel Manufacturing, Inc. is known for its durable food storage and material handling equipment. Their products are designed to make life easier in your commercial kitchen through storage and transportation solutions. Ensure you meet the demands in your restaurant, bakery, pizzeria, or food service operation with Channel products.

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Headquartered in Port Washington, NY, Channel is dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges you face in your projects. They provide support, knowledge, and experience to your commercial foodservice operations to ensure your productivity and organization. Channel manufactures all their products in the United States for the best quality and fast shipping. They pride themselves on their helpful customer service, competitive prices, and quality products for your commercial operations.

Sheet Pan Racks

Pan Racks

Organize and cool sheet pans with Channel’s durable pan racks. These racks are constructed of heavy-duty metal to hold up to commercial use. Durable casters allow pan racks to easily move around busy kitchens and many racks are adjustable to fit your storage needs. Low on storage space? Check out the pan racks that nest together when not in use.  

Use pan racks for: 

  • Cooling baked goods down to room temperature 
  • Holding baked goods for serving or plating 
  • Keeping sheet pans of food handy during meal service 
  • Storing food in walk-in coolers/freezers to cool quickly 
Channel Can Rack

Can Racks

Can Racks are perfect storage solutions for hospitals, schools, and large commercial kitchens that use high volumes of canned goods. Keep your cans organized and at arms-reach with this storage solution. Some racks offer benefits like first in/first out loading to ensure you always use your oldest inventory before it expires, saving you on food waste. Consider the half-size can racks if you’re limited on storage space. 

Use can racks for: 

  • Organizing inventory of canned goods 
  • Easy access to canned goods when cooking 
  • Monitoring inventory to prevent over-purchasing and spoilage 
Channel Shelving


Keep your kitchen fully organized with all types of shelving from Channel. Whether you need shelving to assist in cooling pans or to store heavy boxes, Channel has it covered. Their heavy-duty metal shelving will hold up to the heavy demands of commercial use. Store items from floor to ceiling or on the wall for convenient access. 

Use shelving for: 

  • Organizing ingredients in cold storage 
  • Holding boxes of disposable supplies (cups, straws, napkins, etc.) 
  • Keeping tools and supplies handy during food prep 
  • Storing bulky food preparation equipment
Utility and bus carts Channel mfg

Utility and Bussing Carts

Use utility and bussing carts to clean up a dining room, carry dirty dishes, or even transport heavy items around the kitchen. These multi-purpose carts will serve many purposes in a commercial kitchen and save labor on moving heavy objects. Whether needed for carrying bus tubs around a dining room or transporting heavy supplies, Channel utility and bussing carts will save time and effort. 

Use utility carts for: 

  • Bussing dirty dishes from dining rooms 
  • Carrying heavy tubs of ingredients or food around the kitchen 
  • Transporting heavy food prep equipment 
  • Transport boxes of disposables like napkins or cups to refill in the dining area
Lug Cart Channel Mfg

Lug Carts

Lugging around bus tubs shouldn’t be a chore. Channel has a line of lug carts that assist in transporting heavy bus tubs around the kitchen or dining room. Whether you’re moving bins of bulky ingredients or dirty dishes, these carts will save the strain of heavy lifting. 

Use lug carts for: 

  • Bussing dirty dishes from dining rooms 
  • Organizing dirty dishes for warewashing 
  • Transporting bulky ingredient bins during food prep 

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