If you’ve kept up with the news lately, you probably have heard about the meat shortage across the country as a result of the pandemic. Grocery stores are often sold out of meat as people stock up whenever it’s available. While some people have gone to meat-alternative products, others have sought out this staple from other sources. Restaurants are no stranger to the economic downturn during this time, and as a response to the meat shortage, they are selling meat by the pound along with their takeout menu.

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How Restaurants are Adapting to the Meat Shortage

Certain items have experienced a surge in purchases during the pandemic, especially meat. Grocery stores are having a hard time keeping it on the shelves. Meanwhile, many restaurants are having difficulty keeping their doors open. The solution? Restaurants have begun selling food staples along with their carry out options.

Leaning into delivery, carryout, and even selling groceries are all ways that restaurants are adapting to the current climate. This change has helped customers keep food stocked in their houses as well as allowed them to support local restaurants. Offering meat by the pound to customers allows restaurants to serve their community while their regular diners are not allowed to stay for dinner. 

Why You Should Consider Selling Meat

Let’s say your restaurant, like many, has never done anything like this before. You’re used to serving customers at their tables or through a checkout counter and have never offered a grocery item for purchase. Now is the time to consider selling meat by the pound. Restaurants are utilizing undersold ingredients such as meat in this new way to add to their bottom line. These facilities make up their recipes of ham, turkey, chicken, or beef like usual, but now they’re carving it for sale. This cuts down on food waste from storage and offers something valuable to your community. Selling meat by the pound will provide these benefits: 

  • Cut down on food waste by cooking & selling a product that would otherwise go bad
  • Provides valuable service to your community
  • Improves your bottom line by adding sales
  • Can be an add-on offered to exist carryout customers

How to Sell Meat by the Pound

Not all restaurants are readily equipped to sell meat by the pound. The good news is that it’s easy to get started. You will need the right equipment to slice, measure, and package meat. This will allow you to more easily add deli meat into your point-of-sale system for quick checkout. To get started, here’s what you will need:

With the right equipment, you’re ready to sell meat by the pound! Cook up your best meat recipes and when a customer orders, slice the meat to their desired thickness. If you’re able, we recommend slicing fresh for your customers to watch. This can give them choice in slice thickness and in amount. Once you’ve sliced, weigh, and package the food for the customer to take away. 

Final Notes on Selling Meat

Make sure to advertise to customers that you sell meat by the pound. Whether it be signage in your front windows, a prominent note on your website, or through social media, you should be touting this new offering. If you’re wanting to take it a step farther, purchase some local advertising space to promote your new menu offering. 

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