Amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, businesses, particularly restaurants and commercial foodservices, across the country must adapt to new demands. As restaurants begin to reopen their dining rooms, there is a renewed emphasis on safety.

Amongst these new safety trends, including adjusting layouts to accommodate social distancing guidelines, implementing new crowd control solutions, updating cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and installing more hand sanitizing stations and touchless solutions to protect patrons and staff against the spread of germs and viruses, it’s crucial to ensure your establishment has all the supplies on hand so your guests feel safe dining in again.

Our team is continuously sourcing and stocking solutions to help your business adapt and stay on track. Our product experts remain fully accessible to help answer questions, concerns, and find additional solutions for your changing needs. Connect with one via phone, email, or chat.

Here’s our list of top coronavirus safety products.

Personal Protection Equipment

The COVID-19 Coronavirus spreads from person to person contact. This can be a challenge to limit in a dine-in environment. Therefore, all staff, including front and back-of-house employees, should wear a face covering that covers both mouth and nose.

Disposable gloves are also ideal to protect against the spread – especially when touching commonly-used surfaces. 

Cleaners and Disinfectants

Did you know the COVID-19 Coronavirus can live on stainless steel surfaces for up to three days? It’s more important than ever to regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces. It’s recommended you update your cleaning frequency and procedures, and train all employees how to do so thoroughly to effectively kill the coronavirus.

Standard cleaners alone isn’t enough. You need to also disinfect with a disinfectant formulated with at least a 70% alcohol content.

Clean Hands Kits

Set up stands in your dining room and all common areas for guests and staff to quickly (and frequently) sanitize their hands. Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of germs and viruses.

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Safety Shields and Barriers

Installing protective barriers is an ideal way to maintain safety without prohibiting face to face interactions. We have several configurations available, including counter-mounted, hanging, and easily portable stand-alone barriers. These are ideal to help safely facilitate transactions and are ready to be installed at cash registers, checkout lines, host stands, bars, etc. Table partitions are also available to separate tables to maintain a barrier between parties.

Touchless Solutions to Prevent the Spread of Germs and Viruses

As noted, COVID-19 readily spreads from person to person contact. This can easily happen when touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face. Therefore, hands-free solutions are more hygienic and the best bet to prevent this.

Our assortment includes:

Social Distancing Floor Signs

The importance of social distancing cannot be understated. Make sure it stays on top of everyone’s mind and is easy to follow by using floor signs to designate safe distances.

Hygiene Signs

Communicating expectations is key, and this is very much true for proper hygiene practices. Set up signs around your common areas so guests and staff are aware of these expectations and the proper means in which to do so. Also, when guests see these signs, it reaffirms their faith that you’re putting their safety and wellbeing above all else, and makes them more comfortable dining at your restaurant.

Outdoor Signs and Tents

Outdoor signs and tents are a great way to communicate to, and direct, patrons so they maintain safe distances without hampering the flow of your operation. These help quickly notify them of pickup stations, where the line starts, promote your delivery services, and more.

Crowd Control Solutions

Crowd control solutions help adapt your layout to accommodate safe distancing. These include message boards to readily communicate expectations, rope barriers, and more.

Parking Lot Traffic Management

It is safest to limit the number of occupants inside your facility at any given time. If you have a parking lot, you can use that space to safely accommodate waiting patrons.

Reopening Essentials

Our reopening essentials comprise of all the necessities to resume normal operations while prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of everyone. We also have a number of reopening packages available to help you quickly get all the essentials you need, including face masks and shields, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and social distancing floor mats.

Outdoor Furniture

Many establishments are adapting the layout on their patios and outdoor areas to safely accommodate more guests. This includes setting up patio fencing to establish barriers between parties.

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