As the industry continues to adapt to stricter sanitizing needs, new solutions are emerging to enhance efficiencies while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of guests and staff. All types of foodservice establishments are changing to accommodate these new demands.

We know the importance of regular hand washing and sanitizing, social distancing, frequently disinfecting common surfaces, etc. Now, new innovations are hitting the market to help operations efficiently carry out these tasks and more.

Glass Frosters

Glass frosters are a great solution for the bar, enhancing cocktail serving and presentation by instantly chilling glasses for an ideal serving temperature and improved taste profile, removing the need for ice which dilutes the quality.

In addition to frosting for serving purposes, the glass frosters from the Krowne Royal Series line use liquid CO2, a dry gas that instantly cools warm glasses and sanitizes, eliminating bacteria, lingering odors, and residue. They come in several configurations, including:

A space-saving tabletop glass froster

Drop-In glass froster

Glass froster with drainboard cabinet (Central Model #780-J24)
Glass froster cabinet with left or right hinged cabinet doors

Glass Washers

Krowne Glass Frosters are a great way to sanitize glassware, but that’s no substitute for a thorough clean. Glasswashers are still essential equipment for the bar. Undercounter glasswashers enhance glass washing efficiency, tackling 20+ racks an hour.

The Jackson SEER High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher is an ideal, energy-efficient undercounter glass washing solution that uses innovative steam elimination and energy recovery technology that recycles hot water vapor to preheat the rinse water, saving water consumption and energy. An added benefit is there’s no burst of steam that emits when opened, creating a more comfortable experience for staff and nearby guests. It’s ENERGY STAR® rated and may be eligible for certain rebates, and can clean up to 20 racks an hour using only 0.65 gallons of water per rack.

Centerline™ by Hobart Undercounter Dishwashers are another popular undercounter glass washing solution, designed for reliability, simplicity, and affordability. Both high temperature and low temperature, chemical sanitizing configurations are available as Central Models #492-645 (high temperature) and #492-647 (chemical sanitizing). Both versions can power through 24 racks an hour using 0.84 gallons of water a rack.

The right glass rack is also important to accommodate different types of glassware safely and securely, depending on height of the glass.
If you’re not looking to invest in an undercounter dishwasher at this time, economical manual glasswashers designed for deep compartment or utility sinks are also a viable solution to ensure your glassware receives a thorough clean. The Value Series Upright Electric Glass Washer features a powerful 1/3 HP motor that works to quickly remove stains and residue from glassware. It installs easily with no need for special plumbing or electrical hookups.

Mask Sterilizing Cabinet

These days, masks are required to enter many commercial facilities to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Staff and guests must abide to keep each other protected against the transmission of germs and viruses. Mask cleanliness is also a must.

Edlund, a premiere manufacturer of food prep equipment and supplies, repurposed their popular cutlery sterilizing cabinet to include mask sterilization. Using UV light, it can sanitize masks, killing 99% of bacteria in as little as three minutes. The Edlund Mask Sterilizing Cabinet is available as Central Model #745-110.

Q.A. Concentrated Disinfectant

The Q.A. Concentrated All Purpose Sanitizer and Disinfectant from National Chemicals is a better alternative for quickly disinfecting common surfaces than standard bleach (read: Should You Be Using Bleach to Disinfect?) It’s safe on most hard, non-porous surfaces such as floors, walls, cabinets, stainless steel, etc. – it’s more versatile and not nearly as corrosive and overpowering as bleach. It is also EPA-approved for combatting viruses similar to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

Germbuster Foggers

The Go Clean Germbuster Foggers and Misters from Eastern Tabletop provide an innovative way to quickly and efficiently disinfect entire areas. The Go Clean Germbusters are handheld machines that emit a mist that disinfects as it wraps around surfaces. This mist is both safe and acts quickly, killing 99.9% of viruses, germs, and mold on surfaces and in the air – a powerful, touchless 360° cleaning and disinfecting solution.

Hand Hygiene Solutions

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing is one of the best ways of reducing the risk of transferring germs and viruses. Therefore, making the means readily available to guests and staff can go a long way to ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy.

The Service Ideas San ‘N’ Serv Tabletop Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is designed to fit readily on top of tables and offers hands-free sanitizing dispensing – a quick, convenient solution to ensure guests are constantly sanitizing.
The Value Series Automatic Hand Sanitizing Dispenser on a freestanding stand is an ideal sanitizing solution to place at entrances and in select, high-traffic areas of the establishment to promote regular hand sanitizing. And don’t forget to stock up on hand sanitizer.
Mobile hand sinks are also a trending hand hygiene solution. Crown Verity’s Portable Hand Sinks offer a hands-free foot pump operation and can easily be navigated around the establishment, moving as easily as a hand truck. They can connect directly to city water and drain pumps, and include soap and towel dispensers.

Hands-Free Door Openers and Other Touchless Solutions

Hand hygiene is so important because hands are the most common way germs and viruses spread. It’s why regular hand washing and sanitizing is critical to health and wellbeing, and why being cognizant of the surfaces in which your hands come in contact with. Reducing the need to touch common surfaces, especially those with a greater risk on bacteria contamination (i.e. door handles), helps keep everyone better protected against the spread of illness. Thus, touchless solutions are becoming more prominent than ever.

Most notable are Nemco’s hands-free door openers. Easy to install add-ons that enable patrons to open the door with either their forearm or their foot, eliminating any need at all to touch the handle with their hands.
Krowne’s touch-free electronic faucets are also trending lately, offering a hands-free way to wash hands in a dependable construction and sleek, chrome finish backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Final Thoughts

These continue to be trying times for many foodservice operations. However, constraint and limitation are the gateway to innovation. Industry-leading manufacturers are continuing to develop new solutions to help establishments navigate these times, and Central is committed to sourcing these new innovations and assisting however we can. Connect directly with a product expert here.

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