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Deep fryers are a staple in commercial kitchens to add variety to the menu and to bring new, exciting twists to classic fan favorites. So, in a market flooded with options, how do you know which models are best for your operations? Fryers from Vulcan Equipment offer a range of flexibility, and each model is known in the industry for their dependability and productivity.  

Commercial Deep Fryers from Vulcan Equipment “set the standard for ease-of-use and time-saving convenience.”  The fryers are designed to expertly operate with maximum profits in a wide range of operations from small independent restaurants to large stadiums during events.  

Vulcan offers a variety of sizes and styles of fryers, however, there are major benefits to owning any Vulcan commercial fryer: 

Trusted dependability and quality 

  • Stainless-steel construction and features such as built-in menu timers, hi-limit shut off, and snap action millivolt thermostat controls are just a few of the options from Vulcan that set them apart from others in the industry. Having a reliable unit that is easy to use and simplifies operations in a commercial kitchen shows the thought that is put into each Vulcan unit. 

Save money with Energy Star Certified Fryers 

  • Select models of Vulcan fryers are awarded the Energy Star certification. These fryers are eligible for rebates* depending on the state that you live in and offer a lifetime operational cost that is less than standard fryers. Less energy is used during the cooking process, which also helps the operator save on utility bills. 
    • *Rebates are reviewed and rewarded by the Energy Star Program. The amount rebated will differ based on the model and the state it is used. 

Included fry baskets 

  •  All Vulcan fryers come with appropriate fry baskets for each model that will allow operators to be up and frying, faster. The fry baskets come with plastic coated handles for safety and a front hook to hang and drain product. 

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Each Vulcan fryer model is unique in its features and benefits to operators. While there are no “bad” models, let’s review a few of the good, better, and best Vulcan fryers to find the best fit for the need of every kitchen. 


LG Series 

The LG Series fryers from Vulcan are a great option for low volume operation where the occasional chicken tenders, fries, and mozzarella sticks are ordered. These units offer a lower purchase price without sacrificing the substantial-quality that we have come to love from Vulcan Equipment. 

The freestanding models are available in 35-40, 45-50, and 65-70 lb. oil capacities with 90,000, 120,000, or 150,000 BTU’s respectively. The units are made of stainless steel construction with a stainless-steel fry tank and heat exchanger tubes for maximum heat transfer with temperatures ranging from 200-400 degrees F with the control of a snap action millivolt thermostat control. Twin fry baskets with plastic coated handles and drain extension are included with the purchase of the LG Series fryers. 


1ER50 Series 

The 1ER50 series fryers from Vulcan are a great “step up” option for operations that regularly sell fried foods. These electric fryers are energy efficient as the energy saving heat transfer recycles the heat, reducing the energy required to continue heating the oil.  

These units are made of stainless-steel construction and offer three control options: solid state analog knob control, solid state digital controls, and programmable computer controls. These controls adjust the temperature from 200 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit to perfectly fry every batch of foods. The ribbon style heating elements are extremely efficient, granting this model Energy Star status. Vulcan knows the power of the 1ER50 series fryers are so undeniable, that they are backed by a ten-year limited fry tank warranty and one-year limited parts and labor warranty. 


PowerFry VK Series 

The VK Series fryers from Vulcan are perfect for high volume operations with its ability to cook up to 14% more pounds an hour than competitive fryers. The stainless-steel construction is durable to withstand the abuse of a high volume kitchen, and the FivePass heat transfer system distributes heat uniformly within cooking oil for fast recovery and allows the unit to efficiently cook and use significantly less energy to do so in the long run. This heat transfer system lowers utility costs, decreases the wear and tear on the unit, and lowers the temperatures being emitted into the flue stack. Extending the life of the oil and cooking more efficiently saves operators significant money. 

How To Buy 

Vulcan’s fryer guide helps operator narrow down which fryer is best for their application. By asking questions including what is being fried, how often, what type of controls, and power type, the guide tells operators exactly what Vulcan fryer is best for their operations. To order the suggested fryer, search on Central’s website for the model number or call one of our expert product consultants! 

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