Teak furniture is a beautiful product. It is built to be durable in any weather without warping. With proper care, teak will not splinter or crack. The good news is, teakwood furniture is easy to maintain!  

Teak’s natural color is a honey brown color. To protect that color, you will simply need to apply a teak oil or teak protector. These can be purchased at any marine store. When left unfinished, teak will naturally weather and age, causing the color to turn to a silver-gray tone. This is a desired effect for some, so either one is going to bring a bit of character to your furniture. The change in color does not indicate deterioration in the wood. 

Why Teak Over Other Outdoor Furniture Material?  

  • Teak isn’t vulnerable to the issues that other woods are, such as termites and insects, rot and decay. While it may cost more up front, it will have the longevity to be a worthwhile investment over other woods. 
  • Teak is resistant to moisture, wind, pests, and humidity.
  • Teak furniture, untreated, can last up to 75 years outdoors. 

Although teak wood is durable it may develop small cracks over time. Treating the wood will help protect the furniture from this. 

Does your teak furniture need cleaning? 

A mild dish soap and water will do the trick. Take a soft plastic brush and gently scrub with the grain, not against it. Once finished with the solution of soap and water, simply rinse it off and either wait for it to dry or use a drying cloth. If the furniture is particularly bad just add a little bleach to the soap and water and scrub the soiled spots. It’s important to know that you should never pressure wash teak, as it will damage the wood. 

Has your teak furniture turned the silver-gray color and you want to return it to the honey brown color?  

The good news is you can restore the teak to its natural color. This process is simple and does not require heavy scrubbing. To restore, you will need to purchase a teak cleaner at any marine store.  

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