As the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout the world, staff are spending an exponential amount of time manually sanitizing surfaces in order to keep patrons safe. Efforts have continued in finding safe and time-effective ways to sanitize surfaces and spaces. Restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals, and the like have found a new technique, fogging, to be a quick and efficient solution.  

What is Fogging? 

Fogging is a touchless disinfecting solution that provides powerful 360-degree cleaning, killing 99.9% of viruses, germs, and mold on surfaces and in the air.  The handheld machines release a mist that disinfects as the cleaning solution wraps onto surfaces – no wiping required! This process is both safe and extremely quick.  

Who is Using Fogging?  

Schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, and more are utilizing fogging to save time and money as increased disinfecting is necessary. Rector School District in Arkansas used its federal CARES Act money to purchase machines to provide the safest environment for their students and faculty. Additionally, Temple University also plans on utilizing fogging to disinfect large areas such as classrooms, lobbies, and public restrooms as they prepare to reopen this fall.  In the hospital setting, Idaho Falls Community Hospital has found that fogging is a safe and effective way to keep the hospital clean from top to bottom.  

Countless other hospitals, restaurants, schools, and hotels are utilizing the powerful machines to protect patrons. 

How to Use The Units


What Central Offers 

Central Restaurant Products offers powerful fogging machines from Eastern Tabletop in two different sizes, as well as three chemical solutions. Let’s quickly review their differences to find the best fit for various settings. 

Model   Product Type  Price  Size  Take Note 
3500  Fogger Machine  $1,049  3 Liter Tank  Great for: 

  • Lobbies 
  • Gyms 
  • Restaurants 
3590  Fogger Machine  $854  200 mL Tank  Great for: 

  • Small Classrooms 
  • Hotel rooms 
  • Healthcare facilities 
  • Restaurants 
3510  Cleaning Chemicals  $169  1 Quart 
  • 2 oz. Per gallon of water application 
  • Mildewstat and virucide concentrated formula 
3520  Cleaning Chemicals  $312  5 Gallons 
  • Organic 
  • Safe for use around food, humans and animals 
3525  Cleaning Chemicals  $299  Case of 4, 1 Gallon jugs 
  • Organic 
  • Safe for use around food, humans and animals 

Need help deciding? Our expert product consultants are here for you! Chat on our website or call 800-215-9293 for one on one assistance.

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