Are you providing enough kid-friendly furniture in your restaurant? A new report by Technomic revealed that 43% of parents said they were more likely to visit restaurants that offer family-friendly amenities, such as kids’ menus, crayons, and especially high chairs.

Make it easy for parents to relax and enjoy their meal by providing a safe place for kids and babies to sit during the visit. High chairs, boosters, and infant carriers are all great for restaurants to have in order to provide the best experience for parents. What do you need to know while shopping for kids restaurant seating? Let’s review.

On June 19, 2019, new regulations and standards of safety were set in place regarding high chairs to help reduce incidents, injuries and death related incidents. The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reports that between 2015 and 2016, there were more than 18,500 high chair-related injuries that had to be treated in emergency rooms in the United States. To help prevent these injuries, the new regulations require all high chairs made or imported after June 19, 2019 to have smaller leg openings, increased warning labels, a passive crotch restraint, and a three-point seat belt to keep the child restrained. All of these new regulations aim to prevent the high chair from tipping over or to prevent the child from falling (climbing) out.

Restaurants are not required to purchase new high chairs for their dining room as a result of the new regulations. These new rules only apply to newly made or imported high chairs. However, it is recommended to purchase new high chairs that meet these standards to ensure your littlest guests are safe during their visit. Check out this helpful resource if you’d like more information and statistics on the new regulations.


High Chairs and Booster Seats are used in restaurants to provide a safe place for babies to sit during a meal. Units are designed for babies to sit in highchairs and use a three-point harness to keep them from falling or climbing out. Ensure that all units are properly assembled and straps are in working order to provide to best possible experience. 

Additionally, for the safety of subsequent babies to visit your restaurant, it is important to always fully wipe the high chair clean. Use a wet cloth to remove crumbs and slobber to avoid bugs and mold from caked on accumulated food.  

Koala Kare Products KB950-01 Diner High Chair, Gray Frame/Gray Seat

Product Features:

  • Meets ASTM F404-18 High Chair Standard
  • Dimensions: 221/4″Wx301/4″Hx231/2″D
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

Please note that highchairs should never be turned upside down to balance an infant carrier. This is not their designed intention and can cause the carrier to fall and harm infants.

Commercial High Chairs


High chairs are available in wood and plastic construction with each boasting their own advantages.

  • Wood high chairs provide durable, high style are available in black, dark, mahogany, and natural finishes depending on the setting that they are used in. Stack to save valuable storage space.  
  • Plastic constructed high chairs are commonly made from nonporous molded plastic, polyethylene, and polypropylene to make it easy to clean between uses.

If you’re on the lookout for more durable, long-lasting furniture solutions, Aluminum Furniture may be a great addition to your business. Learn why.

Central Restaurant HC-1-N Economy Wood High Chair – Natural Finish

Features Include:

  • Sturdy buckle strap restrains the childs movement for added safety
  • Durable construction in a classic natural wood finish
  • Stackable design to save storage space
  • No assembly required
  • Weight: 15 lbs

Sturdy Chair Youth Seat with Microban – Plastic with Casters, Black

Features Include:

  • Plastic construction is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria
  • 12″W seat
  • Stackable
  • Safety strap
  • Handle inside backrest for easy transport

High Chairs vs. Booster Seats vs. Infant Seat Cradle 

Restaurants have several options when it comes to seating kids and babies. Depending on the layout of your restaurant and the clientele, operators may not need all options. Let’s review the options to find what is best for your operations. 

  • High chairs are a great option for a wide range of ages (approximately 6 months to 3 years) that help parents keep their child in one place while they enjoy a great meal. They sit on the floor to put the baby at table height. Take the time to find the best tables and positions for the high chair that will not interrupt the flow of servers and guests being seated. The safety of these children should be a top priority!

  • Booster Seats are great options for slightly older children (3 years – 6 years) who may not be able to sit at table height otherwise. Boosters are available in a variety of styles, but it is always best to have the option for straps for the safety of the child. 
    • Tip: invest in a booster seat intended for use in a booth for added safety in a setting where a high chair is not ideal! 

Central Restaurant CHB-703 Wood Booster Seat – Mahogany

Features Include:

  • Rubberwood Construction
  • 113/4″Wx113/4″Dx101/2″H
  • Mahogany Finish
  • Stackable
  • Infant Seat Cradles are great for welcoming new parents into your restaurant! These cradles give a safe place for infants to rest while parents enjoy a nice meal out. These cradles are designed to allow infant car seats to safely rest at the perfect angle in the cradle. Car seats are not intended to hold babies outside of the car seat base or other specifically designed holder. Doing so can pose serious danger to infants due to their angle in the seat. 

Old Dominion Furniture A-Series – Wooden Infant Carrier Stand, Oak

Features Include:

  • 18″Wx21″Dx24″H
  • Classic beech construction
  • 30 lbs. weight limit
  • Select from multiple finishes (pictured: natural, A-1)
  • Accommodates most infant carrier models
  • Folds for easy storage


Restaurant owners are given several choices when it comes to kids seating. Find the best unit for your operations with choices from top vendor partners such as Koala Kare ProductsGET EnterprisesRubbermaidTomlinsonWinco, and Value Series! Still have questions? One of our expert product consultants is ready to help at 800-215-9293! 

Now that you’re on your way to equipping your restaurant with new high chairs, check out more helpful information on buying the right furniture for your space and creating a successful layout.

FAQs on High Chairs

  1. What safety regulations should I consider when purchasing high chairs for my restaurant?

In 2019, new safety regulations were implemented for high chairs to prevent injuries and incidents. High chairs made or imported after this date should have features like smaller leg openings, increased warning labels, a passive crotch restraint, and a three-point seat belt. These regulations aim to prevent tipping and falling, ensuring child safety during dining.

  1. Do I need to replace existing high chairs in my restaurant to comply with the new regulations?

No, you don’t. The updated regulations only apply to high chairs made or imported after June 19, 2019. Restaurants are not required to replace existing high chairs. However, it is recommended to invest in new high chairs that meet these standards to provide a safer experience for young guests. Shop our selection now.

  1. What are the key safety considerations when using high chairs and booster seats in restaurants?

Ensure all high chairs are properly assembled and the straps are in working order. Regularly clean and sanitize high chairs to prevent the accumulation of food debris. Also note, it’s very important to avoid using high chairs as makeshift supports for infant carriers, as this can pose a safety risk.

  1. What are the material options available for restaurant high chairs?

Restaurant high chairs are available in both wood and plastic construction. Wood high chairs offer durability and style with various finish options. This is a very popular wood option of our high chair selection. Plastic high chairs are made from nonporous molded plastic, polyethylene, or polypropylene, making them easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Can high chairs be used in booths, and what precautions should be taken?

Yes, high chairs can be used in booths. We recommend shopping our strap sets for added security. Ensure that the child is securely fastened with straps while seated in the booster to prevent any accidents.

To download this infographic for yourself, click here.

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