Storage Solutions 

Storage areas are supposed to keep a space organized and efficient; however, at times they can become cluttered which can cause more harm than good. Make the most of your storage areas with these tips and visit Central’s website for all your shelving needs

green epoxy slotted shelf


Did you know different types of shelving are most effective for different types of environments?

Epoxy shelving, available in either Green or Central Blue, is ideal for humid environments; while chrome and zinc are better suited for dry spaces. Many epoxy coated shelves are available with antimicrobial protection which protects shelving against bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Once you’ve determined what type of shelving is best for your storage area, consider which kinds of shelves work best.

Vented Shelving 

  • Open design takes advantage of minimal surface area 
  • Provides good circulation for drying and temperature regulation 
  • Lighter in weight for easier mobility 
  • Design allows for better loading and unloading of product
solid green restaurant shelf

Solid Shelving 

  • One-piece construction allows for more surface area to be used (especially great for small items) 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Ideal for messy areas (i.e. food prep or ware washing)
  • Controls spills 

Weight Capacities 

All of Central’s shelving units include shelf weight capacity information. On average, stationary shelves 48″W and shorter hold 800 pounds and anything 60″W or longer hold 600 pounds. Those capacities vary slightly for mobile shelving but read all capacity listings in our catalog or on our website to confirm what a shelving unit can hold. For heavy duty storage needs, dunnage shelves are also available. Typically they can be added to a bottom of a storage unit with capacities up to 1000 pounds.

Keep in mind weight on shelves should be evenly distributed. Do not concentrate all the weight in one area. 

epoxy restaurant shelving in crowded kitchen

Tips for Customization 

Some storage areas may never need to change, while others could benefit from some minor updates from time to time. Many types of storage solutions can easily be adjusted to accommodate various heights or to add in more shelves. Color shelf markers, label holders and shelf dividers are available to organize a space more effectively.

Other tips for customizing storage shelving include: 

  • Casters: Convert stationary shelves to mobile 
clean dish room with epoxy wall shelves

Other Types of Storage 

Sometimes certain storage areas require unique types of shelves. Consider the following options to maximize or better utilize space.

Wall Solutions 

Wall shelving can be added almost anywhere to maximize storage for items like pots, pans, dish racks, cleaning supplies, and more. Complete or customizable wall storage systems are also available to provide storage with wall shelves, can holders, cylinder utensil holders, bottle drying hooks, utility racks, and more.

Pots, Pans and Trays 

As mentioned earlier, there are add-ons available for storage — such as tray slides. One of the latest products from Metro is the MetroMax i™ Drying Rack Shelving System, which promotes food safety by eliminating moisture. Complete drying rack shelving units are available for trays or pots and pans. For establishments that already have MetroMax shelving, shelves can easily be converted to accommodate the tray or pot/pan drying racks.

white and green epoxy shelving with security cage front


Need to make sure a storage area is secure? Several of Central’s manufacturers have enclosed security shelving units.  These units can be secured with a padlock to keep contents protected from theft.  Choose between full shelving kits or individual shelf conversion sets to best suit your needs.

Cans, Glassware and Dishes 

Can racks often have a “first in, first out” design and are inclined to have cans glide for easy access. Can racks typically hold No. 5 or No. 10 cans. Glassware racks are great to store and transport glassware safely. There are a variety of caddies available to accommodate plates and flatware for bussing. These allow for the safe storage and transport of dishes and a sanitary environment for flatware.


For heavy duty storage needs, dunnage racks are a great addition. These shelves can hold anywhere from 750 pounds to 3000 pounds of storage. These can be added with shelving units but also can be placed in refrigerators or freezers as well.

More Information 

For more storage solutions, visit or contact a Central Product Consultant at 800-215-9293. 

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