Bang! Ding! Boop! Those are the unfortunate sounds that sometimes occur during the shipment of a large piece of restaurant equipment. When you purchase commercial restaurant equipment from Central, we do our best to ensure that your unit arrives safely to your door. However, accidents happen, and the trip between the freight carrier and your restaurant can sometimes be precarious, leading to damage to the equipmentfrom dents to scratches and more. 

We always ask our customers to inspect the item before signing for the shipment to make sure no damage has occurred. If the customer finds any damage upon inspection, they should note it on the bill of lading, refuse to sign for the shipment, and have it returned to Central. Who pays the return freight on a refused shipment? The carrier who delivers the merchandise is responsible for loss and damages, so in this case, the freight company would pay for return costs. There is nothing to do on the customer’s end once you have refused delivery due to damage. 

What Happens to Damaged Restaurant Equipment After It’s Returned 

In cases where equipment is damaged, Central will send out a replacement unit to ensure the customer is taken care of properly. But what happens to the equipment that’s damaged? Is it scrapped? Sent back to the manufacturer? 

In these cases, the answer is no. Once we receive the return, one of our team members inspects the unit for damage and fully tests it to make sure it still works properly. Once we have confirmed that the unit is still usable, we transition it into our inventory of scratch and dent restaurant equipment. 

What is Scratch and Dent Restaurant Equipment?

“Scratch and dent” is a term for any appliance or piece of equipment that is not in new condition and can’t be sold as such. If the product still works well and the damage is only cosmetic, Central will sell it at a discounted pricesometimes up to 80 percent off retail!

Scratch and dent appliances are a great way to get a deal on commercial restaurant equipment that might not fit your budget otherwise. For a lot of scratch and dent appliances, the damage is barely noticeable (either low to the ground or on the back of the unit), but it works just as well as a new product.

One thing to know is that the amount of damage varies from product to product. Some equipment may look a lot rougher than others. Always check with a product consultant before purchasing to make sure you have all the information needed on the item.

Example of cosmetic damage to equipment

Scratch and Dent vs. Used Restaurant Equipment?

What’s the difference between scratch and dent and used restuaurant equipment? When shopping our scratch and dent list, you will also see items marked “refurbished.” This indicates that the equipment has been lightly used. In these cases, the used restaurant equipment was returned because of either customer regret or a defect. When our service team receives these returns, they inspect and repair (refurbish) the item so it can be resold.

Unlike refurbished restaurant equipment, scratch and dent units were returned by the customer before they were ever used. This doesn’t necessarily mean that scratch and dent appliances are superior to their refurbished counterparts, since the cosmetic damage varies from unit to unit. Regardless whether you opt for a scratch and dent or refurbished unit, it’s important to note that Central has inspected each one and has verified it’s still in working order.

Scratch and dent worktable

How to Buy Scratch and Dent Appliances

Purchasing scratch and dent equipment from Central Restaurant Products is a simple process. First, navigate to our used restaurant equipment and scratch and dent appliance page. Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a link to our current scratch and dent list. This list is updated weekly and includes images of each item from different angles, so you can see where the unit is damaged.

After perusing the inventory and finding the restaurant equipment that’s best for your business, contact a Central product consultant at 800-215-9293. Because our scratch and dent inventory is constantly evolving, customers cannot purchase items online at this time. Our product consultants will be able to walk you through the appliance-buying process from start to finish. They will also have information about the specific damage, ship time, and warranty that corresponds to the item you’re interested in.

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