For over 80 years, Metro has been the industry leader in commercial shelving. Metro’s wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. Their focus has been on providing customers with uncompromised reliability and flexibility to create unique storage solutions in the foodservice, heathcare and commercial products industry.

Being the leader in wire shelving doesn’t mean that Metro rests on its laurels. They have been hard at work to create shelving that is even stronger, cleaner, and superior in any environment. Enter the MetroMax® series of shelving.

MetroMax® – Built for Every Environment

MetroMax® shelving delivers incomparable storage performance, with the strength of traditional wire shelving. These advanced polymer shelving systems feature reinforced center supports and robust steel corners for extra shelving support. Shelving can be adjusted in 1″ increments, giving you the flexibility you need to create the perfect storage set-up.

Removable polymer shelf mats protect from damage and are easily washed by hand or in dish machines. In addition, Microban® antimicrobial protection is built into each shelf mat in order to keep your shelving “clean between cleanings.”

MetroMax® shelving is available in three different varieties: MetroMax® i, MetroMax® 4, and MetroMax® Q.

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MetroMax® i

The best of the best, MetroMax® i is all-polymer, corrosion-proof shelving with super strong, Type 304 stainless steel corners. It is built to withstand moisture, chemicals, and harsh environments.

Proven corner connection and rigid four-sided frame with center truss assures stability and strength in stationary, mobile, and high density track shelving configurations.

MetroMax® i is available in both solid and vented shelves. Vented shelves provide more better air circulation and light penetration, while solid shelves offer maximum spill retention. Heavy Duty vented dunnage shelves are also available for even greater storage capacity.

Of the three varieties, MetroMax® i shelves are able to hold the largest amount of weight per shelf:



MetroMax i Up to 48″W 54″W or Longer 4 Post Unit
Standard Shelf 1,000 lbs. 750 lbs.

Stationary: Up to 2,000 lbs.

Mobile: 600 to 900 lbs.

Dunnage Shelf 1,200 lbs. 900 lbs.

MetroMax® 4

MetroMax® 4 delivers unrivaled value and performance. It is the most affordable investment for the level of performance that you will see, with many of the same features as the MetroMax® i, including a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. The main difference is the corner design, which is polymer instead of stainless steel on the 4, so the weight capacity is slightly less than the i.

Open grid and solid mats are available options for the MetroMax® 4. A solid bottom shelf serves as a barrier to dirt and debris, keeping contents on the lower shelf safe. All MetroMax® 4 shelf mats have a 3/16″ tall ship’s edge built into each end to help contain contents during mobile use.


MetroMax® 4 Up to 48″W 54″W or Longer 4 Post Unit
Standard Shelf 800 lbs. 600 lbs.

Stationary: Up to 2,000 lbs.

Mobile: Up to 750 lbs.

MetroMax® Q

Offering the best of both worlds, MetroMax® Q shelving is a hybrid of polymer and wire shelving, a more durable and cleanable alternative to traditional wire shelving. These corrosion-resistant shelves are constructed of removable polymer open grid shelf mats with epoxy-coated wire shelf frames. Shelves and epoxy-coated posts have a 15 year warranty against rust and corrosion.

With a flip of each patented corner release, MetroMax® Q shelves can be adjusted easily and quickly without tools. 


MetroMax® Q Up to 48″W 54″W or Longer 4 Post Unit
Standard Shelf 800 lbs. 600 lbs.

Stationary: Up to 2,000 lbs.

Mobile: 600 to 900 lbs.

Interchangable Shelving

The best part about MetroMax® shelving is all three varieties are interchangable with each other. If you have a MetroMax® 4 shelving unit, and you need a heavier-duty shelf to handle more weight, no problem! You can use MetroMax® i or Q shelves to fit whatever need you have. Mix and match, it all works!


Posts and Accessories

MetroMax® i and 4 series shelves use the same models of all-polymer posts. MetroMax® Q shelves use epoxy-coated steel posts, with the option to upgrade to the polymer posts. Stationary and mobile posts are available. Stationary posts have an adjustable leveling foot to compensate for uneven floors. Mobile posts have an open end at the bottom designed to accommodate stem casters.

Find a huge variety of MetroMax® accessories at Central. From drying racks to replacement wedges, find the perfect accompaniment to enhance your MetroMax® shelving for your needs.

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