Everyone has heard the saying, “Good help is hard to come by.” Nowhere is that truer than in the restaurant industry. According to Restaurant.orgthe hospitality industry experienced a growing employee turnover rate of 74.9 percent in 2018. You can attribute this high rate to many factors, including the high percentage of teenagers and students employed in hospitality roles. However, it’s still an uphill battle that owners and managers must fight every year.  

 How do you replace nearly three-quarters of your employees on a regular basis? While there are ways for restaurants to limit turnover, it will always be part of the business. Recruiting employees may seem like an uphill battle but there are plenty of tools that can help.  

Recruiting via Social Media

Social media is not only a crucial part of restaurant marketing but is also now a considerable factor in recruitment for the restaurant industry. According to Social Media Today, teens spend an average of nine hours per day on social media.  These numbers make it likely that social media will be one of the first places a person visits, actively or passively, when they are looking for a new job. Each channel presents a unique way to attract the talent your business needs.


While Facebook may not be as “hip” as it once was, it still has over 2.4 billion users worldwide each month. Recruiting on Facebook can be as simple as sharing a post to your page. However, Facebook also has a useful built-in jobs tool that allows applicants to apply directly on the job posting – making it easy for you to sort through candidates and respond accordingly. Just make sure to check Facebook frequently, so you don’t leave your applicants hanging!


LinkedIn isn’t just for business networking. Over 75 percent of people who accept a new job, use LinkedIn at some point during the hiring process. While there are paid options, basic recruiting on LinkedIn is completely free and easy to use. After posting jobs, you can allow candidates to apply directly via the portal or redirect them to your company website


Instagram doesn’t allow you to post jobs directly like Facebook or LinkedIn, but it can still be a useful recruiting tool. When considering a company, many applicants will check a business’ Instagram page to get a brief look at company culture and “vibes”. Does your restaurant look like a great place to work on Instagram? If you aren’t sure, check out our social media guide or enlist the help of one of your more social media savvy employees! It is important to remember that Instagram isn’t just a place to showcase your food but also a place to showcase your valued employees in action and the atmosphere of your restaurant. 

Recruiting Online

Along with getting the word out on social media, you want to make sure that you post your open positions on the more traditional recruiting websites. There is no shortage of online job boards, but we recommend starting with one of these top choices: 


Founded in 1994, Monster.com is the original online job board. The site averages 7,900 job searches each minute and will get plenty of eyes on your open position. This type of power comes at a cost – with even the most basic plan starting at $249/month, which may be out of budget for smaller businesses and restaurants. 


Indeed is another powerhouse in the online recruiting space but offers much more flexibility than other sites that require a monthly fee. Posting jobs on Indeed is free, with the option to pay between $0.10 and $0.50 “per-click” to garner additional views of your posting. Flexible pricing allows your business to spend as little or as much as you want on advertising, to make your job stand out amongst the 7.9 jobs that are posted every second on the site. 


Glassdoor started as a unique tool to let employees and former employees leave anonymous reviews, salary information, and benefits about a business. Since then, it has involved into a full recruiting tool, offering both paid and free options for employers looking to manage their company’s page and post jobs. Many applicants, no matter where they are applying, will check Glassdoor to see your company’s rating. Encourage your employees to leave an honest, and hopefully positive, rating to boost your score and help with recruiting!  

Recruiting In Person

Job fairs and recruiting events can be another invaluable tool for finding new talent. Local colleges and universities are the best places to start, as they frequently put together events for students who are looking for both part-time work while they are in school and full-time employment for after they receive their degrees. You can also check with local recruiting agencies, public services, and organizations to find out what events are upcoming in your area.  

Once you have identified the event you want to attend, it’s key to make sure you are prepared to recruit effectively and represent your businessStart with the following 

Promotional Materials

Have flyers, brochures, or even business cards on hand with your business’ key details and contact information. You want prospective employees to remember your business and be able to contact you if they’re interested. 


If you accept physical applications, have some on hand for people to fill out. Another option is to bring along a laptop or tablet for attendees to apply digitally! 


Attract people to your booth with fun giveaways! Whether you bring food samples from your restaurants or something like t-shirts – nobody can resist free stuff! 

Bring Help

Invite one of your top employees or managers to help you recruit. There is nobody better to talk about working at your restaurant or business than an employee you trust!  

Encourage Referrals

As a restaurant owner, one of the easiest ways to attract new talent and employees is to keep your current employees happy and satisfied with their workPeople who love their job will be more likely to tell their friends about it. By providing your employees with competitive compensation, tools for success, and a great work environment, you are creating some of your most effective recruiting tools! 

Keeping your employees fulfilled and happy leads to excellent service, which can be the cornerstone of every great restaurant 

Additional Resources 

We hope this guide helps you to stay ahead of the turnover and recruit top talent for your restaurant. Our Resource Center is full of excellent guides and articles to help with every aspect of running your restaurant or small business, including tips for employing minors and staying on budget 

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