Traditionally, speed ovens utilize microwave technology to quickly cook foods. Though speeding up service times, this can result in less than ideal tasting foods. Located in Connecticut, Cadco decided to make a change to the speed oven market. In 2018, after much testing, Cadco, LTD. released the VariKwik – a fast cooking oven, without microwave technology to vastly improve the taste of foods. The Cadco VariKwik speed oven stands out in the market for its ability to cook foods at the speed of a microwave, but with Tri-Heat technology instead. Resulting in better tasting food, faster, the VariKwik is a no-brainer for any commercial kitchen. 

Matt Skibisky, Marketing Expert at Cadco explains, “The first time I used the VariKwik, I figured it would just be a microwave-like oven with some sort of broiling element to crisp the top, but I quickly learned it is so much more than that. The VariKwik uses “Tri-Heat Technology”, a controlled combination of infrared, convection, and conduction heat, and not one ounce of microwave. The food coming out tastes like it was cooked in a convection oven for a half hour, which makes it hard to believe it really only takes a matter of a minute or two.” 

Key Features

The VariKwik oven utilizes infrared, convective, and conductive heat to ensure that foods are cooking quickly and evenly throughout. 

The oven was intentionally designed without the use of microwave technology in order to ensure the taste and texture of foods are not compromised.  

Easy to use touch screen controls, recipe programming, and USB capability make the oven simple and easy to use for all kitchen staff.  

The VariKwik digital oven is a countertop model available in 120 or 220 voltage, black or stainlesssteel finish, and a standard or heavyduty option to fit the needs of every kitchen. Digital programmable controls on the touch screen system are a couple of operator’s favorite features on the VariKwik oven. Want to see the oven in action? Watch this! 

Cadco has been introducing the VariKwik to the market over the past year, and it’s catching on fast. For a fraction of the cost of other traditional speed ovens, restauranteurs and end users are making the switch to VariKwik.  See the difference yourself!

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