Advance Tabco is an industry leader in stainless steel commercial work tables. They carefully manufacture durable tables meant to last years in your foodservice establishment. Picking the right worktable can be a daunting task. You want it to hold up to your heavy everyday use, and you want it to be attractive in your professional kitchen. We’ve created the ultimate buying guide to Advance Tabco worktables to help find the best table for you.

Advance Tabco

What is the Advance Tabco Difference? 

There are several manufacturers of stainless steel worktables on the market. Many of them create durable and functional tables, but what makes Advance Tabco an industry-leader and winner of 2017 Best in Class for Prefabricated Worktables? It starts with manufacturing in the USA. 

Images provided by Advance Tabco 

The Undershelf 

Undershelves on Advance Tabco worktables are made with a larger welded surface area than competitors. A larger welded area offers more strength and reduces the risk of the leg clamp breaking. Their unique weld area also maximizes the size of the undershelf.

Added Hat Channel Reinforcement 

Bending metal adds strength to the material. Advance Tabco hat channels are roll-formed and grooved, adding strength to the table. Hat channels add structural integrity to the underside of a table. Sound deadening material is used between the table bottom and hat channel, making it more pleasant to use in a loud kitchen. 

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Hat Channels

Stronger Gussets 

Advance Tabco stainless steel gussets are 33% longer, creating balance and stability in the legs  This allows the table to hold more weight. Stainless steel construction is stronger than the competitive galvanized metal used in standard gussets.

Worktable Gussets

Add Drawers 

All Advance Tabco tables that are made in the USA feature brackets allowing you to add drawers in the future. This creates flexibility for changing storage needs. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to install an Advance Tabco drawer!

Drawer Insert Worktable

Types of Worktables 

Every commercial kitchen has its own unique needs. Worktables are versatile and can be incorporated in different ways to add storage, prep space, and hold equipment. Advance Tabco has lines of worktables that will add value to your commercial kitchen.

Work Table with Undershelf


Flat Top 

A flat-top worktable can be used for food prep tasks, packaging food, or to hold equipment. Add an undershelf for more storage space – whether it be to hold ingredients, supplies, or small equipment. Flat-top tables do not feature a backsplash, making them ideal for use anywhere in the kitchen.

Work Table with Backsplash



Add a backsplash to a worktable to keep walls clean from food and debris. Backsplashes can come in several sizes, choose between 1-½”, 5”, and 10” to customize your table. Tables with a backsplash can be set up against a wall to save space in the kitchen and can have an undershelf added for additional storage.

Cabinet Base Work Table


Enclosed Base 

Worktables with a cabinet base are ideal for storing and keeping equipment safe. These tables feature either open or sliding doors for easy access, and some include drawers for additional storage. Keep an enclosed base table next to prep stations or as an island in a professional kitchen.

Corner Work table


Corner Tables 

Install a corner worktable to make the most of unused space in your kitchen. Corner worktables are ideal for food prep areas and can include a backsplash to keep walls clean. The l-shaped table provides a seamless surface for work.

Equipment Filler Table


Equipment Filler Stands 

Use an equipment filler table in your kitchen to fill any small gap between counters, equipment, or tables. These tables can maximize use of your workspace by adding use to an unused area. Filler tables can come with a backsplash to keep your walls clear of food and debris.

Mixer Table


Mixer Tables

A mixer table is a sturdy place to hold and use your stand mixer. These stands can come on casters for easy transportation of heavy equipment, or with bullet feet to stay in place. Choose between several configurations like an undershelf, utensil rack, or mobile.

Poly Top Work Table


Poly Top Tables

A poly top worktable features a thick Poly-Vance cutting surface, making it ideal for food prep tasks. These tables can be configured with undershelves and backsplashes for your ideal prep station. Easily clean the Poly-Vance material and keep surfaces free from bacteria.

Wood Top Work Table


Wood Top Tables

Wood top tables offer a professional look in your commercial kitchen. The Advance Tabco wood top tables are made with a laminated hard maple wood top, making it durable enough for heavy use. Get a wood top on several configurations including drawers, undershelves, and side/rear splashes.

Work Table with Sink


Tables with Integral Sink

Worktables with an integral sink are ideal for food prep requiring water, like preparing produce or meat. Use the built-in sink to directly dispose of dirty cutting boards and knives, helping to prevent cross-contamination.

What Worktable Should I Buy?

With all the options available on Advance Tabco worktables, you’re sure to find the exact thing you need to add to your commercial kitchen. We’ve laid out the most important benefits to each type of worktable. 

Table Type 

Useful For

Flat Top 

  • Food prep tasks (cutting, garnishing, mixing) 
  • Ingredient storage 
  • Holding small equipment 
With Backsplash 
  • Keep walls clean from food splatter and debris 
  • Easy clean-up after food prep 
Enclosed Base 
  • Store small equipment 
  • Keep items out of view in kitchen 
  • Locking doors keep equipment secure 
  • Seamless work surface 
  • Make use of corner spaces 
Equipment Filler Stands 
  • Bridge gap between equipment and counters 
  • Add length onto existing worktable 
  • Add workspace next to equipment 
Prep with Sink 
  • Food prep tasks requiring water (washing produce and meats) 
  • Immediate/easy deposit of contaminated prep tools 
  • Hold stand mixers for regular use 
  • Mobile mixer tables allow easy transportation 
  • Store mixers and attachments 
  • Use as cutting surface without need of cutting board 
  • Easier to clean than cutting boards 
  • Professional look 
  • Quiet surface for operating equipment or cutting 

Worktable Configurations

There are several features and add-ons that you can include with your Advance Tabco worktable. Advance Tabco offers the opportunity to build a custom worktable or choose from several premade configurations. The choices are endless on your worktable, but these are the most popular configurations sold by Advance Tabco. 




Use For: 


1-½”, 5”, 10” 

  • Keep walls clean of food and debris 
  • Easy clean-up 



  • Keep equipment and counters clean from food and debris 


Stainless steel 

Galvanized steel 

  • Added storage 
  • Keep surfaces free from supplies or equipment 



  • Easily transport heavy equipment 
  • Move heavy ingredient bins 




  • Keep equipment and supplies secure 
  • Prevent debris build-up on supplies or equipment 

Adjustable Height 

Concealed hydraulic system 

  • Adjust table height using hand crank 



  • Keep liquids on table while prepping/cleaning 
  • Reduce splash of foods/liquids onto floor 

Shop Advance Tabco Worktables

Central Restaurant Products offers Advance Tabco worktables at a competitive price and with helpful product experts ready to advise you on the best worktable. Shop Advance Tabco Worktables on the Central Restaurant website and find out why they were voted Best In Class 2017!

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